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A bowl of warmth like a comforting hug. Whether you prefer it light or hearty, our soups are perfect as entrees or meals in their own right. Our nutritionist-approved soups are packed with fresh veggies and wholesome ingredients. The result? A quick, convenient and healthy bowl of goodness that’s ever-so-satisfying.

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
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About Our Soups

The epitome of comfort, no one should miss out on a restorative bowl of soup. And that’s exactly why our range caters for everyone.

For those who are lactose-intolerant, our dairy-free soups are hearty, rich and oh-so-creamy (without the cream, of course). They're packed full of veg and superfood ingredients like ancient grains and quinoa.

Our gluten-free soups are also packed with nutrients and flavour. You get the gist right? No compromises in our kitchen! Our gluten-free soups will take your tastebuds on a trip around the globe…and we’re always adding new seasonal options. Dig into a bowl of hearty lentil soup or something creamy and cheesy. All that deliciousness - without the added gluten!

Vegans and vegos rejoice. Our vegan soups and vegetarian soups are loaded with hearty legumes, vegetables and natural flavourings like slow-roasted garlic, onion and fresh herbs. Perfect for a cold night, or when you just need a veggie boost!

And for our FODMAP friends? Check out our low FODMAP range. With many soups containing onion and garlic, it’s hard to find options when you're craving a bowl of soup. Never fear. Our low FODMAP range doesn’t compromise on flavour, and importantly will be kind on your tummy.