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Free delivery for orders over $99

NEW Sides

Delicious sides packed with flavour, quality Australian produce and nutrient-dense ingredients. The perfect accompaniment to our Mains and ready to serve in under 5 minutes. They cater for vegetarians, vegans, dairy free, gluten free and low FODMAP, so no one misses out!

About Our Sides

Do you get to the end of the day and want a healthy dinner but the thought of prepping and cooking is too much? We do the work, you get the glory. Just heat, serve and enjoy. They taste like homemade (by that we mean no added preservatives), and can be on the table quicker than you can decide which Netflix show you’re streaming tonight.

Whether it’s some perfectly cooked roasted chat potatoes, some turmeric and parsley couscous, or fluffy mixed potato mash, you’ll love mixing and matching our sides with your favourite Dineamic meals.

What makes our sides so special? No added preservatives, fresh local ingredients, made and prepared in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, so you can rest easy knowing you’re giving your body some wholesome goodness. Not only that, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too. Our sides are served in HaloPack eco packaging that reduces over 20 tonnes of plastic a year, so you can feel doubly good eating them!