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With the colder Winter months, we all want to warm up with a healthy winter meal. Dineamic’s range of healthy winter lunch and dinner meal options make it easier than ever for you to stay warm! Select from our range of healthy winter ready made meals as part of our updated Winter menu.

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Winter Menu FAQs

Adapting to the changing weather can be difficult. Below we answer some frequently asked questions about our healthy winter meal options.

What are the best winter meals on a budget?

In Winter, everyone is trying to stay warm. That’s why our Winter warming menu includes options like hot soups, curries with rice, slow cooked lamb with roast potatoes and more! Our meals are healthy and perfect for a Winter mood without sacrificing on flavour!

Do you offer winter meals for families?

Absolutely! We provide winter lunch and dinner options for everyone in the family. Whether you’re looking for healthy winter lunches for your family to enjoy at work or school, or healthy warming dinners to enjoy together - Dineamic has options for the entire family to enjoy.

What about healthy winter recipes? Are there healthy winter recipes for weight loss?

Definitely! We have a number of healthy winter meal options that are still healthy and packed with flavour that can be incorporated into your lifestyle for weight loss.

We also have some delicious healthy winter recipes that you can try at home. Try our Garlic, Olive & Roasemary Focaccia or our Mulled Wine recipe for ultimate winter warmth!

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