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Better for it means chef prepared meals made fresh and as close to the source as possible. Local, ethical produce cooked to perfection, making the most of the natural nutrition and delicious flavours within.

For many ready meal providers, convenience is where the buck stops. But at Dineamic, convenience is just where it starts.

Sure, we make life easy with food that’s ready to eat—but the kind of food we’re dishing up is where the real difference lies. We hero the food and the flavour and bring it to our customers fresh. No hiding under sauces or behind fancy names. Just honest to goodness local ingredients that you can recognise, and taste.

We’re not a fad or weight loss brand, and we don’t eliminate any food groups. Our meals are balanced and nutrient dense. Great for athletes, and for anyone. Every single day.

We’re not about convenience today to the detriment of tomorrow. We cook in a carbon neutral kitchen using sustainably sourced local ingredients, and we serve our meals in eco packs that cut back on 20 tonnes of plastic a year.

We don’t just provide meals that are ready to eat. We make delicious food for Aussies who are ready to eat right. That’s what makes you better for choosing Dineamic.


Since the beginning, we’ve sought out and selected the best local and ethical producers. They believe, like us, that the result is always worth the effort. We use only free range chicken and pork and grass fed beef and lamb, and source our veggies from local Aussie farms to ensure maximum freshness and support for the economy.



Hazeldene’s is a 60-year-old family-owned company based near Bendigo in Central Victoria. They are justifiably proud to bring higher welfare standards to poultry production. Their chickens are free-range and forage naturally and instinctively amongst grasses, weeds, bushes and trees in a secure environment.

Our dedication to only using ethical protein is one of the reasons we have partnered with Hazeldenes. To read more about Hazeldene’s and their chickens, Click Here.



Tasty Chips is a third generation family owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience working with local farmers to deliver the best fresh produce available.

Their established relationships with Australian farmers, and an invaluable knowledge of the Victorian fruit & vegetable industry are unparalleled. They work around the clock with local farmers to ensure we get the best quality produce delivered to our kitchen daily to keep our chefs happy.

Thanks to Tasty Chips we cook with Australian grown, seasonally sourced produce so our customers get the best veggies Australia has to offer all year round.



Kagome Australia is passionate about tomatoes. Based in Echuca, right on the border of Victoria and New South Wales, they are the country’s largest tomato business and have been delivering high quality, tomato-based products since 1996.

Working closely with local growers, Kagome deliver a beautiful, 100% natural tomato full of honest to goodness flavour that is not enhanced with any additives or chemicals. They have heavily invested in the latest innovative farming and processing technology and pride themselves on their flexibility to exceed their many customers’ expectations.

To read more about Kagome and their sun-kissed tomatoes, Click Here.


Our aim is to make Australia healthier one meal at a time. 
We offer a no fads, no fuss approach to high quality nutrition.
Our seasonal menu is designed for the widest range dietary needs.
Freshly prepared in our carbon neutral kitchen

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