Yes, you can feel good about heating and eating - all of Dineamic’s meals are made by chefs. That’s what chefs do. Prepared daily at our Melbourne kitchen and delivered to where you feel like eating. Home or work.

You’ve probably got more questions, the answers are below, and if they’re not, there’s someone here that can help you.



Our meals are designed to be used when you need them, so you can order whenever you need to. No contracts whatsoever – freedom!

We have a minimum online order of $60. If you’re hoping to sample just a few of our products, you can say hello to our friendly Dineamic staff members in one of our foodstores and browse the range there. Alternatively, we also have our range available in independent supermarkets and online at Aussie Farmers Direct.

We understand that online ordering and computers aren’t for everyone. Feel free to give our customer service team a call on 03 8669 05 87 to place an order on behalf for you. Payment will then be securely taken over the phone.

We accept VISA and MasterCard debit/credit cards and payments via PayPal. Once an order has been successfully processed, we will send through a confirmation email specifying the total fees and charges for the products in the order in addition to any shipping and handling fees that may apply.

We do. Please see our terms and conditions here.

Transferring money in and out of accounts is part of the norm! We totally get it. If payment has been declined due to reasons such as insufficient funds or a banking error, the team will notify you as soon as possible of this dishonour. If there is no response to our message, we will automatically be inclined to cancel the order.


With the help of our fantastic courier partners, we’ve got a next day delivery service for our Metropolitan Melbourne customers! Delivery days are Monday to Saturday. You have until 10am (sharp) to be eligible for a next day delivery.

If you’re in Regional Victoria: Days will vary, please check the calendar schedule present during check out [please ensure orders are in by Thursday midnight to get a delivery for the next week].

If you’re in Brisbane, Perth, or Sydney: Fortnightly on a Tuesday. Order cut-off is by midnight of the Tuesday prior.

If you’re in Canberra: Fortnightly on a Wednesday. Order cut-off is by midnight of the Tuesday prior.

If you’re in Adelaide: Fortnightly on a Friday. Order cut-off is midnight of the Thursday prior.

If you’re in Queensland. Fortnightly on a Tuesday. Order cut-off is midnight of the Tuesday prior.

Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with order cut-offs and delivery information! If on the occasion a delivery date will need to change due to circumstances such as public holidays etc our team will get in contact as soon as possible!

Your closest delivery date will be highlighted in a calendar prior to checkout, if you would like to reschedule your deliver to a later date please click on the dates available.


The website will automatically carry your delivery date forward to the next delivery day. Remember to confirm your delivery date before checking out – this will also appear in your confirmation email just below the ‘total’ of your entire order.

For any order $99.00 and above delivery is free.

For orders under $99.00 delivery fees are a flat rate, depending on your location.

Metropolitan Melbourne: $10| Regional Victoria: $20 | Metropolitan Sydney: $20 | Metropolitan Adelaide: $20 | Metropolitan Canberra: $25 | Metropolitan Perth: $25 | Metropolitan Brisbane/Sunshine Coast: $25 |

For Melbourne metropolitan zones – yes, as long as we are given notice by at least 11am the day before delivery.

For interstate and regional Victoria – we will notify you of your delivery day via email, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate changes to this.

If you are not home your order will be left at your front door if it is safe to do so. Please provide us with as much delivery instructions as possible to ensure that delivery runs smoothly.

Click on the top banner on our main webpage to check if we deliver to your area.

Our drivers will do their best to get all meals out to you, however to make life easier for them please leave delivery notes with instructions on how to enter your ‘hard-to-get-to’ apartment (e.g. buzzer codes, gate codes) or if it’s okay to leave it with the concierge/reception.

For Melbourne metropolitan – our delivery windows are between midnight and 7am, business addresses will be delivered between 9am and 4pm. We are unable to advise on an exact delivery time as it depends on the rest of the jobs being done for the day.

For regional Victoria and interstate – delivery windows are between 9am and 6pm.

Our couriers do their best to operate according to our delivery windows but sometimes they are running behind schedule due to unexpected circumstances. We will notify you if this is the case as soon as possible. Please call or email us if your order has not arrived at the end of the day.

Sure! You’re welcome to pick up your order from our Dineamic Kitchen & Foodstore either in Camberwell or South Yarra. Just select the pickup option at the checkout and the team at Camberwell or South Yarra will notify you when your order is ready. A great excuse to also try our delicious fresh meals and coffees.

Our packing staff do their best to follow all orders accurately, however if on the rare occasion there is an issue please contact the team on 86690587 or on Please keep in mind that for items that are out of stock or temporarily unavailable the team will get in contact with you to select a substitute meal. Any items within a bundle that are temporarily unavailable will be automatically swapped for an item that is similar.

Meals will be delivered to you in a cardboard box. You are welcome to purchase a Dineamic cooler bag or leave your own esky or cooler bag at the front for our driver to place your box into. Our large box dimensions are as follows: L48cm X W31cm X H14cm.

Our meals are delivered in a cardboard box and will be left at your address if safe to do so. You don’t need to leave out an esky, but if you’re not going to be home for a while it’s a good idea to help keep your meals frozen for longer. Please make sure your esky or coolerbag is big enough, our box dimensions are as follows: L48cm X W31cm X H14cm – you can also purchase a Dineamic coolerbag from out online store which will fit two of our large boxes.


We endeavour to source our ingredients as locally as possible. All our fresh produce is Australian grown, except for a select few spices which we source from overseas. You can read more about this here.

We certainly do! You can use the dietary key in our online store to categorise by gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian and fructose friendly meals. They will be marked with a GF, DF, V and FF, respectively.

Unfortunately, we cannot bet our lives on this one, we are not 100% gluten-free as we use the same kitchen to prepare gluten-containing and gluten-free meals. Our chefs do take every precaution to minimize cross-contamination however please get in touch with the team if you have any further concerns.

The meats that we source at Dineamic are Halal-certified, however whilst the meats themselves are Halal our meals are not certified. For further information, please get in touch with our customer service team.

Please contact to discuss. [We do allow limited changes if there is something in a bundle that you would like to swap out, please note substituted meals need to be of equal value. Please include clear notes in the delivery instructions section of the check-out.]

The meals will stay the same each week, however we are constantly working on delicious new recipes to keep things fresh and exciting.

Just click on the product you are interested in and then click on the tabs at the bottom of the image.

Absolutely not! We’re proud of creating Real Food only. No nasties involved.

Our meals are best heated from defrosted rather than frozen. Please refer to the recommended heating instructions on the label. .

Our meals are good for 6 to 12 months when frozen, please check the use by date on the product.

Yes, everything will be delivered to you frozen. You can either keep them frozen for up to 12 months or defrost the meals in the fridge and consume within a week.

We recommend thawing out our product first, portioning out the amount that you would like to have for the meal, reheating that portion as per the instructions and keeping the remaining amount in the fridge. Please be advised that once a pouch has been opened it is best to consume the meal within 2 days.

We have a great team of dietitians and nutritionists on board, if you have any specific dietary requirements such as those necessary for diabetics, please contact the team for further information.


Sure can! If you are purchasing Dineamic for a friend or family member and would like to write a special note to them, please email with the Order number, contact name, text wanted in the note and the packers will print and place the note in the order for you.


While our meals aren't exclusively a 'weight loss' product all Dineamic meals are designed according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We promote healthy eating with balanced portions using only premium ingredients. Keep in mind that weight loss will depend on other factors as well (e.g. physical activity level, behavioural habits including sleep patterns and stress levels, compliance, environmental cues etc). However many people find it easier to manage their weight when they have their meals prepared and ready to go. The kilojoule level along side other nutritional information appears on our packs and in our product information section on the website so that you can easily see which meals suit your energy (kilojoule) needs.

Diabetes Australia recommends choosing a diet similar to those of the Australian Dietary Guidelines, paying special attention to the timing, amount of food and type of carbohydrate chosen. The glycaemic index (GI) is another useful tool to measure the effect of the food on a person's blood glucose level and eating moderate amounts of low GI carbohydrate foods regularly throughout the day will help you maintain consistent blood glucose levels.

Three key dietary recommendations can be made for people with Diabetes
  • Eat regular meals spaced throughout the day
  • Choose meals lower in saturated fat (lean meats, low fat dairy foods),
  • Opt for portion controlled high fibre carbohydrates (e.g. wholegrains, beans, lentils, vegetables and fruits)

At Dineamic, there are a wide range of meals that contain foods that are both low GI/high fibre carbohydrates sources and low in saturated fats. For example, our Moroccan Lamb with Couscous, Soy and Ginger Beef with Noodles, Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice, Red Lentil & Kale Dhal with Rice, Vegetable and Bean Ragout with Rice or any of our tray meals. Our main meals are also a great choice if complemented with the right carbohydrate side (e.g. roasted sweet potato, quinoa).

When it comes to food and breastfeeding: aim to eat a variety of nutritious foods. Nutritional needs are increased during the breastfeeding phase especially in protein, B Vitamins, iodine, and calcium. If you are not obtaining enough of these nutrients from your diet then your body's stores may become depleted or your milk supply will be affected. It's important to eat regularly to meet your energy needs and drink plenty of water. Keep your weight in check and if you need to lose weight aim for a safe weight loss of between 0.5-1kg per week or seek the advice of an accredited practising dietitian. (APD)

Let's face it, that's a lot to take in. Who really wants to go through working out what kind of foods to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat of it when you know you can get it delivered to your doorstep all pre-prepared, portioned out and made with nothing but love? Dineamic has been crafted according to the ADG to ensure adequate intakes of the food groups are met.

Here's a few of our mums' favourites: Dukkah Crusted Salmon Tray, Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice, Vegetable and Bean Ragout with Rice, Bircher Muesli with Berries.

Handy tip: our products are best enjoyed with extra servings of vegetables, grains and some yoghurt on our curries.

Many of our Dineamic meals are naturally low in carbohydrate. The obvious exceptions are our risottos and pastas. We generally recommend that people add their own serves of grain foods or extra carb containing vegetables like sweet potato, corn or peas if they need extra fibre or extra carbs for energy.. How low in carbs is low carb ? The general definition of low carb is around 50-70g carbs per day. (e.g. our Thai Red Chicken Curry has 7.8g of carbohydrate per 2x250g serving). Alternatively our fructose friendly products have a 3.8g - 6.4g total carbohydrate content per 2x250g serving. A low carbohydrate meal plan can also be created for you as everyone's definition of 'low' is different, please email the team at for more information.