In a world where what we eat is how we live, Dineamic offers great tasting, balanced and nutritious food without the stress of worrying what’s in it.  It’s all good because all the hard work has been done by out chefs and dietitians for you. No fads or fuss, just healthy meals you can get excited about heating and eating based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.   We are nutritious without the need to label everything nutritious.   We use the best, locally sourced ingredients and prepare them by hand to make an exciting range of meals that are all good for you.  

Our philosophy is based on 3 things:


It’s why you are here. If you had time you would probably cook healthy meals every day yourself.  But you don’t, so that’s where we come in.  Dineamic is the best of health and convenience wrapped up in a range of exciting meals inspired by world cuisine.  No more last minute supermarket dashes and no more last minute UberEats sending you broke. Just heat and eat and enjoy the time you’ve saved.


We understand great tasting food starts at the source. It’s why we do things like local, grass fed, free range.  Our customers prefer it and it’s why they shop at Dineamic.  We focus on tasty health because we don’t want you compromising on your night off the pots and pans.


Balance minus the BS is at the centre of everything we do. Yes, we use “superfoods” and turmeric and ginger and some really sexy ingredients, that do great things in your body, but we don’t need to ram it down your throat. Our customers know what’s good for them and what’s not.

All our recipes are dietitian designed and chef prepared and what have they created? A range of beautifully balanced meals that taste delicious and are to be eaten when you get hungry!