Do we deliver to your postcode?

NDIS - the details

How much does it cost?

Your co-payment amount is 25% of the RRP of our products up to the amount covered by your plan. On average this is $2.90, but could be from $1.7 to $4.00 depending on the meals that you choose.

Am I eligible for home delivery?

To be eligible for home delivered meals, your NDIS plan needs to include 'Daily Activities' in your Core Supports, or have a stated line item for 'the preparation and delivery of meals'. If you're still not sure, get in touch with your support coordinator or plan manager

How does payment work?

The way that you will make payment will depend on how your funds are managed for "the preparation and delivery of meals".

Agency of Plan Managed: You can pay the small co-payment of 25% of your order total, and we charge the remaining 75 % to the NDIS or your plan manager directly

Self Managed Plans: You pay the full order total up front, and we provide you with a tax invoice to make your claim to the NDIS.

Can I just try it for a week?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us to find out how to do a one-off order so you can try us out. Then if you enjoy the meals (Which we're sure you will), we can help set you up to place ongoing orders

Can I choose my own meals?

The choice is yours! We don't beleive in restrictive meal plan so you'll have total flexibility to choose every meal. PLUS we specialise in meeting most dietary requirement so there's something for everyone. Choose your meals each time you order or simply repeat your order if you've found your favourites.

How do I order?

We offer options for ordering by phone, email or online, whichever's best for you! Get in touch with our team to find out more details about each option.

Getting started

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How does it work?

Request a quote

Chat with one of our team on the phone or via email to receive a quote that fits you and your plan.

You choose

Choose meals that fit your needs from our seasonal menu.

We cook and deliver

Our chefs cook your meal, using our fabulous fresh ingredients. It's then delivered promptly to your door.

You enjoy

Heat and enjoy your delicious, guilt-free meat. Simple!

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No Mess. No Stress. No guilt.

Home delivered, healthy food with no wastage, no prep and no guilt.

It's about time.

Tastebud-friendly food.

We understand great tasting food starts at the source. That's why we source local Australian fresh produce, grass-fed, and free range.

Beautifully balanced

Every meal that leaves the Dineamic kitchen aims for the perfect balance between lip-smacking flavour and nutrition