Free Delivery on Orders over $99

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to modify or cancel your order, we kindly ask you to contact our Dineamic Customer Experience Team promptly on (03) 8669 0587 or team@dineamic.com.au. 

As we use high quality fresh ingredients and prepare our meals daily, it is important to note that any changes to your order, including cancellations due to an error or change of mind, can only be accommodated before the cut-off period expires. The cut-off period begins five business days prior to your chosen delivery date. 

Please understand that once the cut-off period has expired, we are unable to honour any change or cancellation requests. This is because your order will already be in the process of being prepared in our kitchens and arranged for delivery through our third-party partners. Should you fail to notify us of your request before the cut-off period ends, the full amount of your order will be charged. 

We would like to emphasise that any additions, deletions, or substitutions to an existing order are considered changes to the original request. After the cut-off period, we cannot modify the existing order; instead, a new order will need to be placed. Regrettably, we are unable to combine multiple orders. 

Please be aware that any alterations made to an order may impact the applicable fees and the estimated delivery timeframe for that order. 

To clarify, a refund can only be issued if we receive a change or cancellation request before the cut-off period expires. Please note that Dineamic reserves the right to offer a store credit at our discretion for cancellations made outside of these terms. We understand that exceptional circumstances may arise, and we strive to provide you with a seamless and convenient experience. Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at (03) 8669 0587 or team@dineamic.com.au regarding your cancellation request. 

Subscription Policy

If you choose to subscribe for a series of weekly orders, your credit card will be charged on a consistent day each week. The specific charge day will depend on when you initially placed your order and will be indicated in your account profile. Please note that if your credit card provider declines the payment request for any reason, the charge dates may vary or the whole order cancelled. 

You have the flexibility to modify your recurring order at any time, taking into account the cut-off period. For recurring orders, the cut-off period to make changes begins three days prior to your order's scheduled charge date. Any change or cancellation requests made after the cut-off period for your upcoming recurring order has passed cannot be accommodated, as your order will already be in the process of being prepared in our kitchens. Any changes made after the current order has been charged will be treated as a new order. You can still make updates to future deliveries (for the subsequent week) through your account profile. 

At your convenience, you can pause your recurring order at any time as long as it is within the cut-off period. Simply log in to your account profile to skip deliveries according to your preferences. If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at (03) 8669 0587 or team@dineamic.com.au. 

You have the freedom to cancel your recurring order at any time, provided it is within the cut-off period. Please be aware that any payments already processed and fulfilled for previous orders cannot be cancelled or refunded. 

As we use fresh ingredients, there may be instances where certain items in your order are temporarily out of stock or unavailable. If this situation arises, we regretfully cannot provide you with the specific product you ordered. We will substitute with a product that you have already chosen in your order.