All-Rounder Dineamic Dozen (Selection of 12 meals)


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The All-Rounder Dineamic Dozen offers the most discerning customer a tasting delight across the Dineamic Food family so you can have delicious nutritious Dineamic Food on the go for one, or enjoy a wholesome meal for two at home when you can enjoy someone’s company.

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  • - Dineamic Trays – 400g (Serves 1)

    1x Grilled Chicken with Herbed Rice & Vegetables

    1x Slow Cooked Mediterranean Beef with Potato & Vegetables

    1x Dukkah Crusted Salmon with Mashed Potato & Vegetables

    1x Roast Pork Fillet with Sweet Potato & Vegetables

    - Dineamic Mains – 500g (Serves 2)

    1x Korma Lamb Curry

    1x Spicy Bean Burrito Mix

    1x Beef Rendang Curry

    1x Thai Red Chicken Curry

    - Dineamic Power Pouches – 400g (Serves 1)

    1x Tuna Napoli with Pasta

    1x Thai Red Chicken Curry with Rice

    - Dineamic Risotto and Lasagne – 400g (Serves 1)

    1x Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

    1x Beef Lasagne

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