All-Rounder Dineamic Dozen

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The All-Rounder Dineamic Dozen offers the most discerning customer a tasting delight across the Dineamic Food family so you can have delicious nutritious Dineamic Food on the go for one, or enjoy a wholesome meal for two at home when you can enjoy someone’s company.

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Dineamic Trays – 400g (1 Serve)

1x Portuguese Chicken with Brown Rice, Quinoa and Julienne Vegetables

1x Braised Grass Fed Beef Cheek with Polenta and Green Beans

1x Soy and Ginger Salmon with Vegetable Fried Rice

1x Pulled Pork on Roast Potato and Kale

Dineamic Mains – 500g (2 Serves)

1x Korma Lamb Curry

1x Spicy Bean Burrito Mix

1x Beef Rendang Curry

1x Thai Red Chicken Curry

Dineamic Power Pouches – 360g (1 Serve)

1x Tuna Napoli with Pasta

1x Thai Red Chicken Curry with Rice

Dineamic Risotto and Lasagne – (1 Serve)

1x Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (360g)

1x Beef Lasagne (400g)

Nutritional Info

Please refer to product listings in store for individual nutritional information

Peel back seal slightly and microwave on high for 2 minutes if chilled, 5-6 minutes if frozen, or until heated through.