Meal Plan - Side Sampler Bundle

Side Sampler Bundle

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This Dineamic Bundle is great introduction to our range of Dineamic Sides. This bundle will perfectly complement 6 of our mains pouches (500g, serves 2) to round out a complete meal.



- Dineamic Sides –

1 x Cooked Brown and White Rice Blend — (400g, serves 2)

1 x Cooked Rice & Ancient Grains — (400g, serves 2)

1 x Quinoa & Vegetables — (400g, serves 2)

1 x Vegetable Couscous — (400g, serves 2)

1 x Mixed Potato Mash — (400g, serves 2)

2 x Rosemary Roast Vegetables — (175g, serves 1)

Nutritional Info

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Stove Top:
Defrost pouch. Immerse bag in boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes or until heated through.

Defrost pouch. Cut bag along line above and heat in microwave on high for 3-4minutes or until heated through.