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  • 1. Open Dineamic pouch and drain off excess liquid, then add to large bowl.

    2. Add chopped coriander and break up pieces of lamb by hand. As lamb is wonderfully tender, this shouldn’t take too long.

    3. Lay 1 sheet of filo pastry on a clean bench (with the wide side facing you) and spray with cooking oil spray.

    4. Lay a second sheet of filo over the first.

    5. With a sharp knife cut the sheets into three even lengths.

    6. Place 1 tablespoon of mixture into the centre toward one end of each of the filo lengths.

    7. Fold in ends and roll up tightly, lightly spraying end of filo to stick the end down.

    8. Repeat with remaining mixture.

    9. Bake in oven at 180°C for 10-12mins or until golden brown.

    10. Serve with sumac yoghurt dipping sauce.

  • The intense flavours of this wonderful curry wrapped in crisp filo pastry are a delight. Served with a sumac yoghurt gives you a warming and cooling feeling in every bite. Using filo pastry for this recipe is a healthier option compared to other pastries and baking the cigars is much better than deep frying.

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- 500g Dineamic Korma Lamb
- 2 Tbls chopped coriander
- ½ packet filo pastry
- Cooking oil spray
- Sumac Yoghurt
- 200g Chobani plain yoghurt
- 3tsp sumac