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Not home? No worries,¬†your meals can last¬†up to two hours outside. We¬†pack your meals in a special recyclable¬†chilltainer with a¬†gel pack¬†that keeps them¬†fresh¬†and cool.¬†Our meals¬†are cooked¬†fresh¬†so¬†they¬†will¬†arrive cold not frozen. The same¬†goes for¬†the¬†gel packs¬†‚Äď they will be chilled but not frozen solid and are made¬†with salt that gives¬†them a¬†high freezing temperature. You can recycle¬†or reuse¬†your¬†gel packs.¬†Pop¬†them in your freezer to keep food cold for lunches and¬†picnics or¬†cut¬†the corner¬†and pour the contents down the drain,¬†then dispose of the plastic in your recycling bin.

Preparing your Meals

You can either heat your Dineamic meal in the microwave or if you’re enjoying a meal in a pouch, you can also immerse the bag in boiling water.  

If you don’t think you’ll get through your order, we recommend freezing them with as much shelf life left as possible - that way you lock in the most amount of freshness. 

Recycling your Packaging

When your nutritious meal is finished, just tear the film, separating it from the cardboard, then place the cardboard in the recycling bin and the film in soft plastics. Watch this video to see how easy it is and why it’s Better for the Planet. You can also reuse or recycle the chilltainer your meals arrived in. 

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