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Browse our range of low carb prepared meals designed by chefs today. We have crafted these meals so 10-14% of the total energy provided comes from carbohydrates.

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The Dineamic Difference

Dietitian and Nutritionist Approved
Our seven in-house nutritionists approve all our meals
Environmentally Responsible
We’re 100% carbon neutral, prioritise low food miles, and minimise waste by cooking to order.
Ethical Proteins
We use the best grass-fed beef & lamb, free-range pork & chicken, and sustainably caught seafood.
Sustainable Packaging
Our Halo packs are made with recycled cardboard. An industry first.

Low Carb Ready Made Meals.

Looking for low carb meals delivered right to your door? With Dineamic, you can select from our huge range of ready made low carb prepared meals. Order your low carb meals online today and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle!


What is a low carb diet?

A low carb diet limits the amount of carbohydrates consumed - especially those most commonly found in starchy vegetables, fruits and grains. The recommended amount of carbohydrates consumed can differ between low carb diets. Generally, a low carb diet will only consume 130g of carbohydrates a day, whereas an individual following a keto diet may consume less than 20g a day. A low carb diet will instead focus on including higher protein and higher natural fat foods in your day to day diet.

Will a low carb diet help me lose weight?

Some low carb diets can result in weight loss, due to the fluid loss you will likely experience from limiting carbohydrate intake. However, this can also mean the weight can come back quickly when carbohydrates are slowly re-introduced to your diet.

What is the best meal delivery service for low carb meals?

When it comes to low carb meals, it’s important to find the right option that suits your lifestyle and tastes. At Dineamic, our chefs prepare healthy & fresh meals that don’t sacrifice on flavour - so you can enjoy tasty, low carb prepared meals.

What are the best meals to eat with low carbs?

A low carb diet usually includes eating foods like lean meats (chicken, fish, sirloin, etc.), eggs, green vegetables, unsweetened and unprocessed dairy products, nuts, oils, and some fruits like apples and strawberries. Because you're eating fewer carbohydrates, you need to ensure you're receiving energy from the other macronutrients. Low carb meals should be higher in protein and healthy fats, have 2-3 vegetables and a complex carbohydrate. Some of our low carb meals include Sweet Potato, Coconut & Turmeric Soup, Moroccan Beef Meatballs with Sweet Potato & Broccoli and more.

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