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Dineamic Foodstore South Yarra

We're super excited to announce the opening of our new Dineamic Foodstore in the heart of South Yarra.

Dineamic Foodstor...


#FoodPorn – Social Media’s Nudge to Overeating?

If you’ve spent the last hour aggressively scrolling through insta-perfect images of all things foodporn-esque trying to deci...


" I have never had a 'home deliver' that tastes so wonderful, so flavoursome and perfectly balanced and seasoned... and so good for us. " — Kerry

"It's nice to know that I can decide on what meal we are going to have in the morning and not stress about having to shop, prepare and cook!!" — Meagan

"There are so many vegetarian options. I have tried virtually all of them now and all are full of flavour." — Christine

"I just wanted to thank your entire team. Your meals have been going so well for me. I'm feeling stronger, healthier and energetic - a contrast to years of struggle." — Amy

“Restaurant quality! Great price, healthy and convenient. Can't wait to try more of your meals!” — Tanya

"I just finished the Tuscan Vegetable Risotto! YUM! I feel so so satisfied! Thank you!" — Katie

"You guys have changed my life! Started buying your meals about 2 months ago, and don't have any plans to stop any time soon!" — Jessica

"New favourite option for those nights where cooking is in the too hard basket." — Amanda

"Just fed the kids the beef lasagne. Soooo goooood!!!!! Possibly the most delicious lasagne I've had!" — Kate