Great food; you heat and eat.

About time. Dineamic.

Healthy meals; delivered to your door.

About time. Dineamic.

Nutritious Meals.; Without the BS.

About time. Dineamic.

No mess or stress.

About time. Dineamic.


We deliver to your door.

We bring healthy food to you

Real food, made by real chefs in a real kitchen. Delivered to your door, eaten when you’re hungry.

How it Works

Select your healthy prepared meal
We will home deliver your healthy meal
All you need is to heat and eat your healthy food

What’s in Dineamic?

Our food doesn’t have ingredients; it IS ingredients. All you have to do is get excited about heating and eating!

Why People Love Us

I just wanted to thank your entire team. Your meals have been going so well for me. I'm feeling stronger, healthier and energetic - a contrast to years of struggle.


It's nice to know that I can decide on what meal we are going to have in the morning and not stress about having to shop, prepare and cook!!


I have never had a 'home deliver' that tastes so wonderful, so flavoursome and perfectly balanced and seasoned... and so good for us.


Who's behind it?



Meet the team that creates and balances the delicious, nutritious food you love.

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Meet some of the teams that supply us with the best quality produce.

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Check out our ambassadors including the teams and companies we fuel.

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