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Beef Bolognese With Broccoli & Pasta

Grass Feed Beef | Low Carb | High Protein 


Butter Chicken With Turmeric Rice & Currants

Free Range Chicken | Low Gluten | Good Source of Protein


Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Low Carb | Low Calorie  | Grass-Fed Lamb 


Beef Meatballs In Napoli With Spiral Pasta

Grass Feed Beef | High Protein 


Dineamic Lemon Olive Chicken Tagine With Chat Potatoes

Free Range Chicken | Good Source of Protein | Good Source of Fibre

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A Guide: 5 Freezer Friendly Foods.

We’re all guilty of googling random questions for quick seamless answers, especially when it comes to the kitchen and in particular the freezer. A master of preservation for good and for bad, cause let’s face it, who knows what’s been frozen over in the bottom of our freezer draw. They’re lifesavers for keeping our food fresh and edible and play a huge role in decreasing food wastage. But sometimes we’re left scratching our heads when looking at the food in our fridge and wondering is that freezable? Well scratch no more, we have all the answers for you!

Is Frozen Fresher than Fresh?

When it comes to fresh versus frozen ingredients we often assume that fresh is best, right? Well… not always. It’s something we get asked about pretty often (what with our food being frozen and all), so here’s a look into the world of freezing food, what it means for you & why we love the mighty freezer so much. Picture this: That apple you picked up yesterday was actually harvested back in March and sat in storage for months before finally hitting the supermarket shelf. On the other hand, that bag of frozen berries was snapped frozen just hours after harvesting at their peak ripeness bringing you a tender juicy nutritious berry year-round. We know what we’d prefer.


What Coles & Woolies stores are you in?

Check Coles and Woolworths online stores to see if our frozen range is available at your local store.

Can I order frozen meals for home delivery?

Unfortunately not, our frozen meals are exclusive to Coles and Woolies.

How do I heat my frozen meal?

Peel the seal back slightly and microwave on high for 6-7 minutes.
Remove film, stir, and enjoy. Once heated, do not refreeze.

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