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A Guide: 5 Freezer Friendly Foods & Meals | Dineamic

 Frozen food.

A Guide: 5 Freezer Friendly Foods & Meals | Dineamic

We’re all guilty of googling random questions for quick seamless answers, especially when it comes to the kitchen and in particular the freezer. A master of preservation for good and for bad, cause let’s face it, who knows what’s been frozen over in the bottom of our freezer draw. They’re lifesavers for keeping our food fresh and edible and play a huge role in decreasing food wastage. But sometimes we’re left scratching our heads when looking at the food in our fridge and wondering is that freezable? Well scratch no more, we have all the answers for you!  

Can you Freeze and Refreeze Cooked or Uncooked Chicken?

Yes, you can freeze both raw and cooked chicken! Depending on the type of chicken, you can usually store it in the freezer for up to a year (for whole chicken) or in smaller parts for about 4 months. It might be surprising but you can actually refreeze chicken as well. As long as the previously frozen chicken has been defrosted in the fridge at 5°C or below, it is completely safe to refreeze. 

Can You Freeze Cooked Rice? 

Absolutely! White and brown rice can be frozen. If you plan to freeze your cooked rice, it’s best to slightly undercook it so that once you’ve defrosted it and heat it up again, it doesn’t become gluggy. 

Is Mash Potato a Freezer-Friendly Snack? 

Yes, mashed potatoes can be frozen, but to keep the best flavour and texture, it’s best that you defrost and eat them within about 1 month from freezing. If you are looking for a healthy meal with mashed potato, you can try our Braised Beef & Mushroom with Mixed Mash & Garden Peas.

Are Bananas a Freezer Friendly Fruit?

100%!! And debatably the best place for a banana that’s no longer green at the tips! Frozen bananas are great for smoothies and using them in baking! My frozen  Frozen bananas are one of the key ingredients that makes banana cakes super moist! Keen to know how? You may checkout our healthy banana bread recipe here 

Proper way of Freezing Bananas  

You can freeze with and without the skin on, for smoothies peel and precut so they’re easy to pop in your blender, for cakes I leave the skin on and then leave it out to defrost.  

Are Eggs Freezer Friendly? 

Yes, you can eggs are a freezer friendly food, BUT don’t just stack them whole like you do in your fridge…... as they’ll explode and that’s not going to be fun to clean up later! 

Proper way to Freeze Eggs  

Crack your eggs into a container and whisk like you would to scramble, then place in a container and defrost and use when you please. 

You can also separate the yolks and the whites to use separately when defrosted, perfect for that random recipe that only requires one yolk. Please note, that frozen egg whites don’t usually foam up as much as fresh egg white so it’s best to avoid using frozen whites in baking. 

What About Freezable Meals? 

Yes! Complete meals can be frozen until you're ready to eat them. Especially ready meals, which are extremely handy to have on hand for the days and nights you don’t want to cook. 

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