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What is the healthiest alcoholic beverage?

Drinking alcohol is part of many lifestyles worldwide and has a firm position in Aussie culture. Incorporated and loved due to the social aspect like unwinding with colleagues at the end of the week, popping champagne when we celebrate, having a cold one at the pub with our mates, and bringing over a bottle of wine when we visit each other's house.

Because of alcohols presence in our communities from a young age we're taught the guidelines around alcohol, to help protect and avoid alcohol poisoning. If you need a refresher course; it's recommended to consume, no more than 10 standard drinks a week and no more than 4 standard drinks in one sitting. Speaking from personal experience, these guidelines tend to be forgotten on a Friday night with friends. And suddenly in the forefront of my mind when I'm feeling sorry for myself Saturday morning.

If you're like me and more often than not are having a drink or two (no more than 4...) on the weekend and also try to look after your health, you may be wondering what the best beverage is!

So, what beverage is your best option?

Most of us know that alcohol has no nutritional value, is high in kilojoules, and that alcohol is referred to as “empty calories.” But that doesn't stop us from refilling our empty glasses, so, sometimes it does come down to our best options in terms of kilojoules! And to put that into perspective I've compared each drink to the Aussie fav, Tim Tams. 

Did you eat a whole pack of Tim Tams at your Friday after work drinks? – we’ll let you do the maths.

Popular Beverages:

Kilojoules (cal)

Tim Tam

Corona 335ml

611KJ (146cal)

1 1/2

Full Strength Beer (450ml Schooner)

615KJ (147cal)

1 1/2

Rekorderlig Cider

1045kn (250cal)

2 1/2

Glass Champers 120ml

355KJ (84cal)


Mimosa 150ml

416KJ (100cal)


White Wine 150ml


426KJ (102)


Red Wine 150ml

481KJ (115cal)

1 1/4

Pina colada

1210KJ (290cal)


Espresso Martini

1190KJ (284cal)

2 4/5

Aperol Spritz

522KJ (124cal)

1 1/4

G & T (225ml)

715KJ (171cal)

1 1/5

Vodka Lime and Soda (200ml glass, 30ml spirit)

280KJ (66cal)


Seltzers Ray (330ml)

368KJ (88cal)


Spirit 30ml

280KJ (66cal)


 Is your fav beverage missing? Click here to search.

Hopefully, this puts your beverage of choice into perspective, and helps you recognise where you can make better choices. Maybe it's the mixer you chose, the cocktail you swap, or maybe you choose the light options that are available like low calorie beer or the very latest craze seltzers. Either way I'll cheers to you!

Alicia McIntyre