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Over ten years ago, a master chef, an elite footballer and an expert dietitian, got together and created a new way to live nutritiously... Dineamic.
Their hope? To help people be their very best.

They shared the belief that great tasting, nutritious food can influence great performance, on and off the field.

They were determined to make Australia healthier, one meal at a time.

Ten years on, we still believe the same thing. Sure, we still feed elite athletes Australia wide, and now we feed lots of other people too. People are looking for a more convenient ways to enjoy better food, better health, and a better environment.

Over time we have evolved our range to suit every dietary or lifestyle group. Whether you are strictly vegan, part-time vegetarian, or need gluten or dairy free, we have something delicious for you.

Our hand-made meals cater to people who are:

• Gluten free • Dairy free • Vegan • Vegetarian • Low FODMAP



Karen Inge

Sports Dietitian

Karen has spent much of her professional life - 30 years in fact - as a Sports Dietitian trying to persuade athletes that eating well will improve their performance. Never having pulled on a pair of boots herself (be they football boots or any other sporting shoe besides runners for leisurely walks with the dog), Karen had to really push her message hard to gain credibility.

Karen believes the old adage that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and so began holding Monday night cooking classes at her home teaching athletes how to shop cook and clean up. These classes continued for ten years and although not many of her students became chefs (except for Jason Johnson) they certainly understood the importance of fueling correctly and enjoyed the free meals.

Karen used these classes as part of the inspiration behind the Dineamic concept. She realised that using chefs to prepare high-performance meals for athletes will save them precious time, keep them in great shape, give them energy, help them recover and let them enjoy absolutely delicious food. Karen’s main philosophy is food first. Making poor food choices will translate into not being able to perform at your best.

She has seen first-hand how eating right will give you a competitive advantage in sport, health and life and is dedicated to getting this message out into the public.


Jason Johnson

Dineamic Events and Sports Nutrition

Jason’s sporting career began at eight years old in the under 10's football team at Kilmore Football Club. Through his childhood and early teens, Jason loved playing Aussie Rules, cricket and golf. At 18 AFL took priority over all other sporting endeavours.

Jason was drafted to the Essendon Football Club - a team he followed all his childhood. He enjoyed a successful football career spanning over 12 years at the highest level. Jason was a part of the 2000 premiership side, won two club best and fairest awards in 2001 and 2005 and All Australian honours also in 2001.

It was during this time that Jason developed his passion for food. Food was a crucial part of Jason’s preparation and when meeting chef John Casey, who had previously prepared food for athletes, Jason saw his future outside the white lines of the MCG. Jason completed his certificate in Food Handling and Preparation and began providing elite sporting teams with nutritionally-balanced food for post training and games.

He also provided young athletes an education in the importance of this food with cooking classes. Jason continues this passion with his role at Dineamic at the helm of Dineamic Sports Nutrition — working closely with elite sporting teams and individuals to provide nutritionally-balanced meal solutions for their active, fast-paced lifestyles and their sporting pursuits.


Michael Rodenberg

Group Executive Chef

Like many budding chefs, Michael’s love of food began in the home. His mother has been a significant inspiration — instilling a passion for culture and taste with her culinary treats, from her Hungarian goulash to German-style cakes.

After completing his apprenticeship at Eden on the Yarra, Michael worked as a demi chef for two years before travelling overseas. In Ireland he was offered a coveted position at Ashford Castle where he cooked for its famous and royal visitors. Michael has enjoyed prestigious positions in Melbourne including executive sous chef at The Australian Club and executive chef at The Lyceum Club.

He has a special interest in ensuring the highest standards are achieved and thrives in environments where quality produce is respected by chefs. Michael joined the team at Dineamic in 2010 and has enjoyed the challenge of preparing food which caters to elite athletes, dietary concerns and people who care about the food they consume. He has helped create a vibrant, energetic environment with a core passion for creating restaurant-quality food that is accessible to everyone.

As a father of two, Michael realises the importance of educating the next generation in balanced nutrition and exceptional food. He hopes to share his knowledge and inspire the youth of the culinary industry.


Rachael Hua

Team Nutritionist

Rachel is a Deakin qualified nutritionist who is responsible for ensuring Dineamic delivers the highest quality meals possible. She has been part of the Dineamic team for the past four (4) years. Spot her in our latest campaign and TV adverts


Our aim is to make Australia healthier one meal at a time. 
We offer a no fads, no fuss approach to high quality nutrition.
Our seasonal menu is designed for the widest range dietary needs.
Freshly prepared in our carbon neutral kitchen

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