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The Dineamic Difference

Dietitian and Nutritionist Approved
Our seven in-house nutritionists approve all our meals
Environmentally Responsible
We’re 100% carbon neutral, prioritise low food miles, and minimise waste by cooking to order.
Ethical Proteins
We use the best grass-fed beef & lamb, free-range pork & chicken, and sustainably caught seafood.
Sustainable Packaging
Our Halo packs are made with recycled cardboard. An industry first.

Low Gluten Ready Meals.

Looking for low gluten meals delivered right to your door? With Dineamic, you can select from our huge range of ready made low gluten meals. Order your low gluten meals online today!

Gluten Free FAQs

What is coeliac disease?

People with Coeliac disease are unable to have gluten in their diet due to the protein causing the immune system to react in a way that inflames the small intestinal lining.  This reaction can be avoided by following a gluten free diet. Find out more about eating gluten free with Dineamic today!

What can you eat on a gluten free diet?

Luckily, with gluten free diets becoming more popular, there are plenty of alternatives to help you have a fulfilled diet, such as:

  • Gluten free breads, pasta and other products
  • Rice and rice flour
  • Potato flour
  • Tapioca
  • Buckwheat
  • Lentils/peas
  • Corn
  • And more!

What healthy snacks can you have on a gluten free diet?

Dineamic strives to provide healthy, gluten free snacks that don’t sacrifice flavour. You don’t have to be limited by your diet anymore. Discover our gluten free snacks here!

What foods should people on a gluten-free diet avoid?

In order to preserve a gluten-free diet you need to eat food that does not contain any barley, rye or wheat. Many of these ingredients can appear where you least expect, so make sure to check to see if food is marked as either gluten-free or low-gluten on the packaging. Some common foods that contain gluten include breads, cakes, cereals, pasta and cookies; however, it can also often be found in soups, processed meats & sauces.

Do you cater for allergies, food intolerances and dietary preferences?

We definitely do! You can use the filter key online to see only the meals that cater to your food requirements. Whether you’re looking for vegan meals, low gluten, no added dairy or any other dietary preference, you can trust Dineamic.

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