You can’t be Nigella every night.
So take the night off.
It’s called balance.
A cheat meal, minus the cheat.
And just because you don’t have time,
doesn’t mean you don’t deserve good.
Good food, delivered.

Dineamic is a premium product, with the proven credentials of chefs, athletes and sports dietitians, for people who aspire to be better — one meal at a time.

We have a team of real chefs, working in a real kitchen in Melbourne. Not a factory or production line. All meals are cooked, cut and put into their packaging by hand, so you know that care is being taken at every stage.

Our ingredients are the highest quality (always), and Australian wherever possible - we're talking grass-fed beef from Gippsland, free range chicken from Bendigo, and Vegetables from around Victoria.

Yes, our food is frozen, but its not like old school frozen food - we use a method of rapid cooling & freezing that locks in the food's flavour, texture and nutritional value. Its convenient without the compromise.

Dineamic meals cater for a range of dietary requirements, including:
— Gluten free
— Dairy free
— Vegetarian options
— Vegan options
— Fructose friendly options
— Preservative free