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Gippsland Natural - Beef

Gippsland Natural beef is produced by a group of farmers spread across the Gippsland region from Phillip Island to Traralgon and Neerim South in the hills, to Tarwin Lower in South Gippsland.

They are united by their passion and dedication to produce a superior product and deliver it without compromise, from their paddocks to our plates.

The cattle are free to roam and eat lush green grass, living stress-free as nature intended. They are raised without hormonal growth promotants, and live in an environmentally friendly way thanks to the sustainable environmental management system (Enviromeat) pioneered by Gippsland farmers.

The environmental impacts of farming and are assessed and managed on an ongoing basis so both the cattle and our precious land are cared for without any negative impacts.

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Hazeldene's - Chicken

Hazeldene’s is a  family-owned company based near Bendigo in Central Victoria. Strong and continuous development over more than 60 years has put Hazeldene’s at the forefront of poultry production in Australia.  They are justifiably proud to have  pioneered RSPCA Approved Chicken, and have partnered with Coles to bring higher welfare standards to poultry production.  RSPCA chickens are cage free, happier, have more space and are able to jump up and down on a perch! 

Our dedication to only using ethical protein is one of the reasons we have partnered with Hazeldene to offer this quality to our customers.

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Tasty Chips - Vegetables

Tasty Chips is a third generation family owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience working with local farmers to deliver the best fresh produce available. 

Their established relationships with Australian Farmers and an invaluable knowledge of the Victorian Fruit & Vegetable Industry are unparalleled.  They work around the clock with local farmers to ensure we get  the best quality produce delivered to our kitchen daily and keep our chefs happy.

Thanks to Tasty Chips we cook with Australian grown, seasonally sourced produce so our customers get the best veggies Australia has to offer all year round .

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Kagome - Tomatoes

Kagome Australia are passionate about tomatoes.  Based in Echuca, right on the border of Victoria and New South Wales, they are the country’s largest tomato business and have been delivering high quality, tomato-based products since 1996 .

Working closely with local growers, Kagome deliver a beautiful, 100% natural tomato full of honest to goodness flavour that is not enhanced with any additives or chemicals.

They have heavily invested in the latest innovative farming and processing technology and pride themselves on their flexibility to exceed their many customers’ expectations. 

From selecting the right seeds to planting them in the best soil and nurturing each plant to harvest, they produce a stunning fruit that our chefs and our customers love.

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