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Better for the planet.
Better for you.

We’re inviting you to become an ECO-TEAR-IAN.

Your Dineamic meals have slipped into something more sustainable – the new HaloPack recyclable eco packaging, using 92% less plastic than our previous trays.

It’s easy (and kinda fun) to use. Once your nutritious meal is finished, just tear the film, separating it from the cardboard, then place the cardboard in the recycling bin and the film in soft plastics (if accessible).

Watch this video to see how easy it is and why it’s Better for the Planet.

So, whether you’re a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, pescatarian, ovo vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, fruitarian, you’re now an ECO-TEAR-IAN with Dineamic.

We know the environment is something our customers care deeply about, and this new technology is an important step in Dineamic’s sustainability goals.

Our aim is to make Australians healthier one meal at a time, and do it in a way that helps make the world better by choosing locally sourced food, preparing it in our 100% carbon neutral kitchen, and only cooking to order to minimise waste. Now, we’re closing the recycling loop by switching to HaloPack eco -packaging that will cut down at least 20 tonnes of plastic a year.


Our aim is to make Australia healthier one meal at a time. 
We offer a no fads, no fuss approach to high quality nutrition.
Our seasonal menu is designed for the widest range dietary needs.
Freshly prepared in our carbon neutral kitchen

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