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Dineamic food is all about making you feel better, through better nutrition and great tasting meals you can trust are truly good for you.



DeliciousWe're proud of our meals, you can taste the quality of ingredients in each and every one. We source all of our fresh ingredients from trusted Australian suppliers — Lean meat, real vegetables, no nasties or preservatives. At Dineamic we understand that different people have different dietary requirements. We aim to cater for a wide range of these, with gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and fructose friendly options. Real chefs with years of experience have created all of our recipes. Dineamic Executive Chef, Michael Rodenberg has previously enjoyed prestigious positions from Ireland’s Ashford Castle to roles as executive sous chef at The Australian Club and executive chef at The Lyceum Club. He has a special interest in ensuring the highest standards are achieved and thrives in environments where quality produce is king.  


nutritious_karenAmongst a world of ever-changing diets, fads, health tips, new super-foods, and growing prevalence of intolerances to food groups, one thing has remained a steady constant across the decades – the key is simply healthy eating. Dineamic’s healthy eating plate pattern device is based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, which recommends a balanced intake of Grains, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy and Protein. Each of our meals has also been created with the aid of qualified sports dietitians, ensuring they are packed full of nutritional goodness, and truly good for you. Dineamic’s Chefs use blast freezers to ensure all the delicious natural flavours and nutritional power remains in your food without the need to add any nasties such as preservatives or additives – we are all about very clean food in the Dineamic kitchen. Head of Dineamic Nutrition, Karen Inge, is a professional sports dietitian with over 30 years experience. Her main philosophy is food first. Making poor food choices will translate into not being able to perform at your best. She has seen first-hand how eating right will give you a competitive advantage in sport, health and life and is dedicated to getting this message out into the public.  

Fast Food

fast_food_mealFinally, our food isn’t just tasty and good for you — it’s easy. No shopping, chopping, mess or stress. All of our online orders are packed and delivered frozen, for maximum freshness. To find out more about the delivery process, please visit our delivery details page here. Our food is individually packaged in either pouches or trays – all Dineamic food can be reheated from frozen, however we recommend you thaw out your food in your fridge overnight before use to speed up the cooking time and to get a better result. Reheating instructions for each of our meals can be found on the packaging. Dineamic Pouches can be heated on stove top, in steam ovens, or in microwaves, Dineamic Trays just need to be warmed up in a microwave, while lasagnes are best heated in either the oven or microwave. We recommend defrosting all of our meals, prior to reheating for the best results.