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Dineamic & YGAP celebrate a special partnership

To celebrate our recent partnership with YGap, an organization founded to bring about social change in developing communities, we came together on a Monday night with a number of our supporters and local celebrities to raise awareness not only of the importance of eating healthy, nutritious food but to also inspire others to become involved in YGAP’s objective to improve the lives of those less fortunate. The event took place at YGAP’s flagship social enterprise café, Feast of Merit in Swan Street Richmond.

And what a wonderful night it was! Everyone got to try a little of each of the delicious range of Dineamic foods, including shots of all of our soups, the Tuscan Vegetable and the Chicken & Mushroom risottos and shared platters of Korma Lamb Curry, Moroccan Chicken, Thai Red Chicken Curry and our very popular Slow Cooked Mediterranean Beef.

Anyone walking past last night would have seen that guests were happy, laughing and generally enjoying themselves. There was not one quiet moment! The night was a cacophony of joyous sound and evidence of this showed with a number of favourable tweets and posts on the night about our delicious food and our hospitality.

Amy Smith, as a long time supporter of Dineamic and now also our Chief Marketing Officer, kicked off the proceedings with an inspiring discussion on why it was important to eat healthy and give something back to the community by being involved with both organisations. She invited her guests on the program, our own Jason Johnson, our ambassador David Schwartz and Elliot Costello, founder of YGap, to speak about what drives them to do what they do.

‘I admire anyone who takes the time and trouble to make a difference to our world’ says Amy. ‘If we all did a little bit more, we could make significant inroads into poverty. A partnership between Dineamic and YGap can only mean that those who need help will be positively impacted - I’m very proud to be associated with both – I know this is a long-term proposition that will help affect social change.’

So folks, there you have it. If you want to support YGap and their continuing objective to find solutions for businesses in poorer communities, visit their website at www.ygap.com.au.

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