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Quick Meal Ideas

Switch from soggy sandwiches to wraps made with Lebanese bread. Go for traditional falafel, hummus and tabouli, or try chicken with salad and a minted yoghourt dressing, or tuna with sweet chilli sauce and baby spinach leaves, or tandoori chicken with yoghourt and mixed salad. Left over Dineamic mains also make excellent fillings for wraps.
Make a Spanish omelette by adding sliced cooked potatoes and other vegetables like zucchini and sweet potato, fresh tomatoes and sautéed onion to a fry pan and topping with a mixture of beaten eggs, parsley and pepper.  Cook through gently and finish under the grill to brown top.  Cut into wedges and serve cold.
Complete a picnic spread with:
— Vegetable sticks and skinny Tzatiki dip — Hommus and flat bread — BBQ corn on the cob slices — Savoury and herb breads — Mini meatballs or honey and soy chicken drumsticks
Pizza perfection:
Use ready made bases or Lebanese bread with pizza sauce, tandoori paste, Thai red curry paste, or basil pesto.  Put out a selection of pizza toppings and let everyone make their own creation.  Top with whatever takes your fancy (or you have in the pantry) – lean ham, pineapple, capsicum, left over BBQ chicken, prawns, tofu, grated reduced fat cheese, canned corn, semi dried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, leftover roast pumpkin slices or caramelised onions. Plenty of Dineamic mains also make great non traditional pizza toppings.
Hot potatos
Microwave or bake whole potatoes in their skin until tender.  Cut a cross in the top and gently squeeze to open.  Top with a selection of baked beans, creamed corn, diced tomatoes, avocado, spring onions, and low fat grated cheese. Our Dineamic Lamb & Rosemary makes for a delicious and hearty potato topping.
Nutritious nachos
Combine baked beans with frozen corn, peas and carrots in a shallow dish and microwave until hot, sprinkle with grated cheese and microwave again until melted.  Serve with diced avocado or guacamole and torn pita bread that has been crisped in the oven or under the grill. For something extra tasty, try this with Dineamic beef burrito mix. Article written by Head of Dineamic Nutrition, Karen Inge, and originally appeared on www.kareninge.com.au

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