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A Happy & Healthy Easter

Easter, the one weekend of the year it's not frowned upon to eat chocolate 24/7. However, let's save ourselves the sugar low and sluggish feeling come Tuesday morning. Avoid the sugar overload by making smarter choices over the weekend, and no this doesn't mean no Easter treats!

Start the day off on the right foot with breakfast. Make it special, it's a long weekend you have time. If you're a sweet tooth try out an Acai/smoothie bowl, or protein pancakes with fresh fruit. If your tooth swings for salt, try creamy mushrooms on toast, or keep it traditional and in theme with soft boiled eggs and soldiers. Refresh your taste buds with our cold press juice range, from tangy to sweet they’re for everyone. 

Keep active, go for a leisurely walk, set up a home workout or a big Easter egg hunt! It's likely your calorie intake is higher this weekend, so it's important you stay active to burn off those Easter treats. 

Snack on protein in between meals, to help stabilise your blood sugar levels and prevent you from binging. A great healthy snack that still fits the description of an Easter treat are our Power Balls. They are naturally sweetened and packed with nutritious ingredients like seeds, nuts, coconut oil and cocoa. 


Was the Easter bunny a little too generous this year? Don't beat yourself up. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track this week after an indulgent weekend: 

Hide the evidence

We know you've got left over Easter eggs you have stashed away somewhere or will linger around for possibly months... After today, it's time to get them out of sight (out of mind) so your not tempted throughout the week. 

Trick the sugar addiction

Your body has a taste of sugar and is unlikely to give it up without a fight. Switch to cleaner treats this week that taste like the real thing. Cold pressed juices are a great way to get your natural sugars. We have a delicious range of Impressed Juices available. Our Power Balls are clean, healthy and delicious. Honestly, the Cocoa Brownie Power Balls taste like the real deal... 

Eat well-balanced, regular meals

Think skipping meals will counteract all the chocolate you've eaten? Think again. Skipping meals is likely to make your cravings worse, making you reach for the nearest sugary thing you have. 

Plan your week

Planning your meals is key to make sure. If a craving hits, ensure you have healthy and delicious meals ready to eat. Our meals are made by real chefs using locally sourced ingredients, meaning they are packed full of nutrition and taste delicious. View the menu

Get moving!

Make sure your week is more active than usual. Get outside and go for a walk or a run. Please remember to practise safe social distancing if you are venturing outside. 

We wish you a warm Happy HEALTHY Easter !!

Tell us in the comments what you have been doing at home to celebrate Easter this year.