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All that glitters... at your local café

the place to have delicious turmeric latte

You’ve probably seen them popping up all over your Facebook feed the past few weeks, in blues and greens and yellows and pinks. What ever happened to regular old coffee? It definitely seems that the café scene in Australia is seeing a rise in health promoting, functional beverages, and bringing some interesting colours into the mix. Have you been brave enough to try one yet?

Golden ‘Mylk’ – what is it?

Also known as Golden Lattes, Turmeric Lattes or Turmeric Milk. This is the one you've most likely seen in your cafes and health stores as of late. Its golden colour is attributed to the use of turmeric, fresh or dry. The ‘y’ in ‘mylk’ denotes an alternative to dairy milk; usually almond or coconut. Turmeric is being promoted heavily at the moment due to its high levels of curcumin, an antioxidant that may play a beneficial role in inflammation. You’re probably used to seeing turmeric as an ingredient in Indian food, not your coffee! This hot drink is usually combined with some honey, ginger and pepper to make a nice alternative to a chai latte. As with most overnight wellness sensations, it pays to keep your expectations grounded in regards to the purported benefits, but if you enjoy the taste, these could make a great substitute to your regular coffee order.

Selection of rainbow lattes

The line-up of rainbow lattes at Too Many Chiefs — @too_manychiefs

All the colours of the rainbow...

The novel beverages don’t stop there: bright pink lattes made with beetroot, green tinged lattes made with matcha, and even a lovely shade of oceanic blue, thanks to a specific variety of algae, have also been sighted around town. Is this the end of our beloved coffee culture or a short-lived wellness trend? Either way, if you feel like something a little different come Sunday brunch, give one a try and let us know what you think! Golden Latte photo by Samantha Bell

Need an alternate turmeric hit?

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