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Christmas leftovers? Free up your fridge with these recipe ides!

Who doesn't love leftovers? - Especially Christmas leftovers! It essentially means you get to do Christmas dinner all over again! Or better yet, you can give it a lil makeover. It also minimises food wastage, saving your pockets and the planet. So here's a few ideas on how to use up all your chrissy leftovers. 

    • Pasties: Wrap your left overs in beloved pastry and bake to golden brown, a fab lunch or easy dinner with a fresh salad and ofcourse tomato sauce!
    • Bubble squeak: Call us old fashioned but who doesn't love bubble and squeak? It will keep your grandad happy and it tastes great! Turn it a little more Aussie when you throw it all together on the hot plate of your barbie!
    • Fried Xmas Ham and Eggs: Pop them in a roll or over a hash brown, this combo will be sure to cure any chrissy hangovers. 
    • Club Sandwiches: Have a cuppa and a few club sangas, to use up left over meat, you can decide on the combo!   
    • Frittata: Beat up a few eggs, and bake all the leftover goodies into a Frittata, an italian tradition that's been around for years! 
    • Quesadillas: Mexican is always fun, add a few different spices and much loved cheese with shredded turkey or beef, place in a sandwich press or on a hot pan and serve with sour cream and guac! YUM
    • Roasties Salad: Re-crisp your roasties in the oven, and lay on a bed off fresh greenery or any other left overs for a fresh boxing day lunch or dinner.
    • Bread and butter pudding: Leftover bread rolls or croissants, find an easy recipe or combine with a few simple ingredients like cream, butter, sugar, eggs, currants and cinnamon, and bake for 20min. And serve with ice cream. - Delish
    • Eton Mess: Leftover pav, strawberries and cream mixed together into a delicious, sweet mess that will keep everyone happy.