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Dineamic Myth Busters: Can chicken soup really help cure a cold?

We’ve all heard that chicken soup is just the thing when we’re feeling under the weather. But, is there any truth to this common perception or is it just something our parents and grandparents fed us to get extra serves of veggies in? Well, with winter settling in and colds and flues making a return, we’re investigating this for you.

Research shows that eating chicken soup may have positive effects on the respiratory tract during a cold. The warm vapor isproven to raise the temperature of our nasal passages, which loosens thick secretions and clears our passages, helping us to breathe. Chicken soup may also have positive anti-inflammatory responses by decreasing inflammation caused by viral illnesses and therefore may suppress hypersensitivity and minimise symptoms of the virus. 

Other studies claim that chicken soup keeps you hydrated and soothes a sore throat, therefore making us feel better. Consuming chicken soup may also be associated with a positive psychological experience, as we may already have a positive association and attachment to having chicken soup when we’re sick. Turns out our grandparents weren’t telling fibs after all!

Although chicken soup won't completely cure our cold, it may certainly help us feel better. So we think this common perception can live on, continuing to give chicken soup the recognition it deserves! And even better, Dienamic can help you out this winter with our chicken and corn soup (a customer fave), orchicken, vegetable and du puy lentil soup (the hero of heartiness!)

While investigating, we also found many other benefits of having soup in our diet. Many studies showed that soup lovers have a higher fibre intake as they typically havea higher intake of vegetables per day. High fibre aids digestion, feeds gut bacteria, and helps increase insulin sensitivityleaving us fuller for longer. This group also showed higher intakes of vitamin A, iron, and water soluble vitamins, like Vitamin C and folate, which are easily lost in food processing. Soup holds all these goodies so our bodies can then readily absorb them. Vitamin C may help reduce oxidative stress minimising cell damage, folate is involved in forming our DNA, therefore it’s crucial in cellular repair and may help us fight off colds and flus. 

Verdict: Myth confirmed! Bring on the soup!