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How to smash your "new year, new you'" goals!

It's that time of the year we suddenly feel inspired and motivated for a fresh new start, we come up with little or BIG ideas that we want to complete for the course of 365days. - Yup, that's right a New YEARS resolution! Some of us get there and .... a lot of us don’t. But not to worry, you're not alone when it comes to a resolution flop.

Some of you may still be smashing out your 2020 resolution and are counting down the days till you can eat chocolate again or maybe covid ruined it for your “dream” bod last year. So let's encapsulate that motivation and make our 2021 New Years Resolution something we can actually complete! But how? Well here's a few simple tips and tricks to help you reach or maintain the “new you!” - not that we didn’t love the old you!

Like you learnt in school set SMART goals!

There's nothing like aiming for the stars but we have to be realistic. The stars will come eventually but we need to set small achievable goals, as stepping stones to your final goal. This will keep you motivated and give you small wins along the way boosting your sense of achievement, meaning you are more likely to stick it out to the next stepping stone. 

What's a SMART goal?

S: Specific - No blurry lines, state exactly it is that you want out of 2021.

M: Measurable - Allow yourself to evaluate, this will allow you to see your achievements as you go. 

A: Achievable - Set a goal that is challenging but possible. 

R: Relevant - Is this goal for you, or because your partner wants it? Your goal needs to be relevant to what you want for 2021. 

T: Time-bound - Give yourself deadlines, this helps keep you motivated.

Whether your goal is health, work, fitness, or personal, ensure you reward yourself for your achievements and celebrate your wins, and don't dwell on any goals you don't quite reach. This is where we tend to quit, and say oh well “better luck next year.” Instead evaluate the situation, what could you do differently? Was the deadline realistic? And how can you get back on track to achieving the end goal? - believe in self because you CAN do it!

Positivity is the key!

Easier said than done but focus on being positive about your goal and your pathway to achieving it, this also includes positive self talk. We are our own worst enemy, and need to be our own number one fans! Tell yourself you rock, and give yourself a pat on the back. With this you also need to surround yourself with positive people that want to help you achieve your goal, so share your goal, whether it's your boss or your mum. It's human nature to lean on each other for support, we all need somebody to help lift us back up or get us across the finish line.

Is your New Year's resolution weight or body related?

If the answer is yes, then great you are taking charge of the year and want to put energy into keeping healthy! In light of this, just a friendly reminder to be aware that FAD diets and quick weight loss programs are more often than not unsustainable. So take some time to research what realistic lifestyle change you can make to help achieve your health goals. Nutrition is a huge aspect of keeping healthy and weight loss or management, our mission here at dineamic is to make Aussies healthier one meal at a time. So our food is made with love, using all the best local ingredients to ensure our meals are healthy and taste GREAT. These meals have been designed by chefs and guided by Nutritionist to meet the Australian dietary guidelines, with this our meals are naturally lower in calories, so with the right lifestyle our meals can assist you in kicking your new year's health goals. Check out our meal plans here.