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Meal Planning 101

Dinner can be a challenge to organise, prep, cook, and clean up at the best of times. We wouldn’t be here with our team of chefs otherwise! But that’s exactly why we want to help you get even more time for life, with our tips on planning meals ahead of time.

Why we love meal planning

  1. Less time shopping - you'll have an organised list & will only need to do one shop - no last-minute supermarket dashes!

  2. Save money & reduce waste - no more buying things you think you might eat, then don't, and end up throwing out.

  3. Less Stress - forget wondering what you're going to pull together for dinner, who's doing what or last minute grocery shops.

How to write your meal plan

Step One: Set aside time to plan.

Half an hour should be enough time, and we recommend doing it on a day off rather than a work day that way you can get organised and do your shop so you’re set for the week ahead.

Planning can be done by yourself, with your partner, or with the family, but fair warning – if you do it with the whole family, it might take a little more time.

Step Two: Add your schedule

Break your week down by day and write down what you have on for the week ahead - work, social events, getting the kids to appointments, and remember to add in exercise/ me-time. This will let you see what nights you'll be pressed for time, and who's home when.

Step Three: Add your meals

Think about what you feel like eating for the week, then add them to the nights that work. Remember to check what you already have on hand in the fridge or freezer beforehand, you could save money by using what’s already on had & avoid having to throw uneaten food out.

On the nights where you're getting home late, or know that you will be tired after a big day, plan on fast, easy options that take minimal time & effort. Go for things like Dineamic Korma Lamb Curry with Rice & Ancient Grains Blend and steamed broccolini.

If you feel like some meals that are a little more involved when it comes to prep & cooking, plan those for nights where you have more time.

Keep in mind that you can leave blanks – if you think you might want to go out or will end up getting takeaway on Friday, then you can add that in as well.

Step Four: Write your Shopping List

Now that you have all your meals in, you’ll be able to see exactly what you need, how much & where you need to shop to get it.

The best part? You can do one shop at the supermarket, and can place your Dineamic order online while you’re writing your meal plan.


Meal planning is a great way to save time & avoid stress when you’re busy, and this is only one of the many ways that you can do it. Remember that your meal plan is a guide and meals can be moved around as you need, after all, sometimes life gets in the way.

Tell us in the comments how you plan & what tips you would give someone trying meal planning for the first time.