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Mums – Are You Too Busy To Eat Healthy?

Let’s face it – it can be exhausting just thinking about what to cook to feed you and your family on a daily basis, let alone ensure that you cook healthy nutritious meals! And how do make sure you eat meals that aren’t high in fat and salt so that you can keep up with a high level of fitness and good nutrition? There are some alarming statistics on recent surveys about just how incredibly busy mums are, even more so if they have brand new babies:
  • Up to 25% of today’s modern mums cook nine meals a day for fussy families - that’s approximately 3,285 meals a year!!
  • ‘Stress O’clock’ is worst at 8:01am, 11:56am and 5:30pm
  • Only 16% of mums cook a meal from scratch every day
  • 35% of mums admit to skipping meals as they run out of time to eat
  • 56% of mums feels guilty if they can’t cook from scratch
  • One in five tuck into their children’s leftovers
Doesn't sound like mums are having much fun, does it? We've thought long and hard about this problem, and have come up with the perfect solution – create fresh, healthy low calorie meals that can be delivered direct to your door; perfect for those looking for delicious meals without taking time out of your busy day to find them. We are all about making you feel better through good nutrition and great tasting meals without sacrificing your time and soothing your conscience. No guilt trips. No trying to figure out what to cook tonight. No skipping meals and eating on the run. No more high fat, low energy meals because you’ve run out of time. Try Dineamic - just a great range of good quality, quick to prepare, no fuss, simply delicious healthy meals to make your life so much easier. Check out our fabulous range at here, you’ll be so glad you did!