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New mums and nutrition

Becoming a mum for the first time can be the most wonderful time of your life; it’s intoxicating, magical and incredibly tiring all at once! If you’re reading this, through a sleep deprived haze, and all is quiet in the house (thank god!), now is the time to think a little bit about how important what you put into your body is. After having a baby, heightened emotions, sleep deprivation and other stresses with your partner or family all play a part in how you feel physically. But a few simple changes in your diet can certainly top up the ‘feeling human’ tanks. Of course, as the mother of a newborn, you’re far more concerned about feeding and ensuring your baby sleeps, but if you eat nutrient rich foods regularly, you can maximize your energy levels relatively easily. With more energy, more gets done and you’ll be less frazzled. A recent survey on new Australian mums in which 1200 women participated, produced some thought-provoking statistics: More than half of the new mums surveyed regularly skipped breakfast -  62% were having a takeaway at least once a week -  53% ate more junk food as snacks after having their baby -  90% were missing out on key nutrients such as those found in fish oil -  65% said they were hungrier when they were breastfeeding It’s pretty clear that the last thing new mums generally worry about is how healthy their diet is; they’re so stressed out by the demands of motherhood they’re forgetting to eat, unless its to grab an unhealthy quick fix. This is not a habit developed over time; the new eating patterns start in the first few weeks – of course, it’s a time of joy with your little one, but also a subtle shift can occur that allows low self-confidence to sneak in and take up residence! Highly processed, ready to eat meals or high kilojoule takeaways seem an easier and faster option than shopping for fresh food just so you can have more time with your baby. And, the thought of facing the supermarket with a screaming newborn in tow doesn't create a high level of excitement really does it? There's definitely no easy solution to the problem, and your ability to think clearly and rationally probably isn't at it's best during the first few months of motherhood. But there are a few steps you can take to ensure you are getting the best fuel in your body. - Take up friends' offers of a comfort meal delivered to the front porch - If you do find time to cook, prepare a much larger serve than you normally would and stock the freezer with leftovers - Plan easy breakfasts and healthy snacks for throughout the day. Foods like muesli bars, fruits and vegetables that can be eaten one handed are perfect - Make the most of services that can be delivered to your home, such as supermarket and food deliveries for all your essentials - Keep plenty of frozen meals and healthy foods with long shelf lives on hand. If you are prepared for the worst, you're already half way to victory

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