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Confused about Recycling? Here's how to Recycle your Dineamic Delivery

Confused about recycling? Join the club. It’s tricky to know what can and can’t be recycled and in which bin it belongs.
As a producer of ready-made meals, we’re extremely mindful of single-use plastics and the impact that they can have on the environment. It’s why we’re constantly working with our suppliers to source and use options that reduce the footprint that we and our customers have. Speaking of which, did you know that most of our packaging is recyclable? Yep, you read that right.

Dineamic | Recyclability of Packaging


Chosen for a few reasons. Firstly because it keeps your meals cool on their way to you and once they’ve left the refrigerated truck thanks to their insulating and heat-reflecting ability. Secondly, because it’s recyclable – throw this one straight into your recycling bin at home.


Being made from cardboard doesn’t always mean something is recyclable. For the last 12 months or so, we’ve chosen to roll with uncoated cardboard for the cardboard sleeves on our meals. That means that they don’t look as shiny as their coated cardboard predecessors, but we think they still look pretty good, and that also means that they can go into your normal recycling bin at home.


This one is a little tricky, unfortunately, the plastic film cannot go in the normal recycling, instead, it either needs to go in the normal bin, or be rinsed & dropped off at your local soft plastic recycling point.


This one tends to surprise people, but our plastic trays can go into your normal home recycling bin! Just devour your meal, give the tray a rinse so it’s clean, then drop it in.

We’ve also seen these upcycled in all matter of ways including to plant seedlings, organise desk drawers and more (tell us what you do with yours)!


These are a no brainer, refreeze them & use them on car trips, with your meals when going to work, when doing the weekly shop or for your picnic!

Having said that, we know that there is an upper limit to how many icepacks you want or have room for. These gel ice packs can be disposed of by cutting off a corner & pouring the gel down the sink, and then dropping the plastic off and your local soft plastic recycling point.

Sustainable practice is at the core of what we do. It’s something that we consider in every decision. It’s why we’re a carbon neutral business, and it’s why we are working on a range of other pretty exciting projects including something pretty cool for our packaging. Watch this space.

Tell us in the comments what your favourite way to upcycle our packaging is!