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Our meals are delivered chilled, via refrigerated transport.

Your meals will be packed into an insulated cardboard box with a cooling gel pack. This is then delivered via refrigerated transport to your door.

You'll receive a text upon delivery. Our drivers will endeavour to leave your order in a safe location out of direct sunlight where possible - please ensure to bring your order inside and put your meals in the fridge once delivered.

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Free delivery on meal orders valued over $130 (before any discounts). Does not include snacks and drinks.

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Nope - our food arrives to you freshly prepared by the kitchen. Your delivery will be sent to your door in a refrigerated truck, so it doesn’t need to be frozen – it’ll be ready for you to heat up as soon as you’re ready.

If you don’t plan on eating your meals by the use-by date, you can absolutely freeze them. When you're ready to eat, we advise reheating the meal from frozen instead of defrosting or thawing your meal out first. It'll take about 5-6 minutes in the microwave.

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From My Head To-ma-toes

From My Head To-ma-toes

Dineamic | Kagome Tomatoes

We’re pretty proud of the tomatoes we cook with at Dineamic. They’re ripe, rich and Aussie as they come. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the humble tomato… they’re full of nutrients & minerals which have been shown to pack a nutritional punch not to mention they have a history dating back thousands of years.

Tomato’s origins

Dating back over 2500 years, tomatoes are a fruit - yep, tomatoes are technically a berry – that have their origins in South America, particularly throughout the Andes Mountains. They were a common staple in the diets of many groups in the region including the Aztecs.

Thanks to Spanish colonisation, tomatoes were transported to their colonies through the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Asia where they could thrive thanks to the warm weather.

Over time they have become common in the diets of people the world over. Who can imagine Italy without their rich tomato sauces, or Aussie burgers without a slice of fresh tomato? Not us, and frankly that would be a dark world indeed.

Dineamic | Kagome Australia Tomato Colours

Why are they so good for you?

Flavour-wise we love them, but there’s more to tomatoes than this. They’re nutritionally brilliant because they’re full of vitamins A, C & E, folate, potassium, are considered a high-antioxidant food and are one of the best sources of carotenoid antioxidants known as lycopene in the food world.

You might not have heard of lycopene before, but it’s the pigment that gives tomatoes, watermelon, guava and other foods their red and pink hue. Studies dating back almost 70 years (Rao, 2006) have linked lycopene with immune-enhancing effects on the body and their role in fighting free radical damage (Sies & Stahl, 1995)

Vitamin C is linked to maintaining good skin elasticity and complexion (Telang, 2013; Pullar et al, 2017). In tomatoes, vitamin C is more concentrated in the gel surrounding the seeds, so make sure you don’t let it go to waste!

Dineamic | Kagome Farm in Echuca

Where do Dineamic’s tomatoes come from?

Our tomatoes come from Echuca in regional Victoria where the team at Kagome are based and their farms surround them. These guys know their tomatoes & have been perfecting their craft for more than two decades in Australia looking after every aspect from seed through to processing. Their experience & expertise is backed up by parent company Kagome Japan who has been operating for more than 100  years.

While the ultimate goal is to produce brilliant end-products like diced tomato, relishes, sauces and more, it all starts with a total respect for the tomato itself. Grown from seeds, then planted as seedlings, the Kagome farming team are out in their paddocks daily checking the plants' need for water and nutrients, and keeping a close eye on when they’re ready for harvest.

When it’s time to harvest, there is a strict limit of 24hours from picking to processing which contributes to maintaining the nutritional value of the tomatoes and their vibrant colour and flavour.

There’s some serious tech in their facility, and it’s a sight to behold. Some of the Dineamic team have had the chance to visit it as well as the farms to pick some of their amazing tomatoes.

Standing in the rows of tomatoes, biting straight into fresh tomatoes and chatting to the Kagome team it’s definitely easy to get inspired by their passion for what they do. Safe to say that the Dineamic marketing team even got inspired enough to try making tomato sauce at home and have since decided to leave it to the Dineamic Chefs and team at Kagome.

Tell us in the comments what your favourite way to eat tomatoes is, and for more info on tomatoes take a look at the Kagome website.

Pullar J M, Carr A C, Vissers M C, The Roles of Vitamin C in Skin Health Nutrients. 2017 Aug; 9(8): 866. Published online 2017 Aug 12. doi: 10.3390/nu9080866
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Sies H, Stahl W. Vitamin E and Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and other carotenoids as antioxidants. Am J Clin Nutr. 1995;62(6):1315S–21S.
Telang, P S, Vitamin C in dermatology, Indian Dermatol Online, J. 2013 Apr-Jun; 4(2): 143–146. doi: 10.4103/2229-5178.110593
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