Yoghurt safe during pregnancy

In a follow up to last week's article, on adding culture to your life, we received quite few questions on whether yogurt is safe during pregnancy. So this week we're looking specifically at that issue. Dairy foods, including yoghourt, are encouraged as a healthy choice during pregnancy as they are the most readily available and absorbable source of dietary calcium. In line with dietary guidelines for all adults, pregnant women are encouraged to make the majority of their dairy choices reduced fat. There is some confusion about the appropriateness of yoghourt as a food during pregnancy. Women are advised to avoid certain foods during pregnancy and this includes soft cheeses, soft serve ice-cream as well as unpasteurised dairy foods. These foods may carry the listeria bacteria which can increase the risk of an infection called listeriosis, which may be harmful to the growing foetus. Pasteurised dairy foods, which include commercial milks and yogourts, are safe during pregnancy as long as you have checked the use-by-date. It’s important to not confuse the “good” probiotic bacteria, known as aBc cultures in Yoghourt, with harmful listeria bacteria. Yoghourts like those from, 5AM, Chobani, Jalna Dairy Foods and others are all pasteurised and therefore safe to consume during pregnancy. Article written by Karen Inge, and first published on www.kareninge.com.au

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