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Free delivery for orders over $99

Snacks & Juices

Yes, snacks can be tasty and healthy. The Dineamic snack range offers a delectable array of nutritious power balls, scrumptious slices, and refreshing cold-pressed juices from our good friends at Impressed. No more ‘snaccidents’ with these guilt-free treats!
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About Our Snacks & Juices

We all need something a little sweet from time to time (taming the sugar dragon, as one might say). Luckily, our snack and juice range caters to a range of dietary requirements, so no one needs to miss out.

For our dairy-free and vegan friends, we have a bunch of delicious and nutritious dairy-free snacks. We’ve replaced butter and eggs with the natural goodness of dried fruits and nuts, and all of our cold-pressed juices are vegan. Check out our range of vegetarian snacks and juices and vegan snacks and juices. You just might find a new favourite!

Gluten-free? We know you’re tired of turning into a modern day Sherlock Holmes when scouring the ingredient lists of supermarket snacks. You can rest easy when enjoying our range of gluten-free snacks. We’ve cut the gluten without cutting the flavour. Try out our flourless Power Balls - they’ll keep you powering through the day (and give you the energy to crack more important cases!).