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The Dineamic Difference

Dietitian and Nutritionist Approved
Our seven in-house nutritionists approve all our meals
Environmentally Responsible
We’re 100% carbon neutral, prioritise low food miles, and minimise waste by cooking to order.
Ethical Proteins
We use the best grass-fed beef & lamb, free-range pork & chicken, and sustainably caught seafood.
Sustainable Packaging
Our Halo packs are made with recycled cardboard. An industry first.

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Will I lose weight eating ready made meals?

Our menu is in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, when combined with a healthy lifestyle our meals can assist with weight loss and reaching your health goals. This means our components and ratio of food groups are based on a minimum of two servings of vegetables, low saturated fat, good quality carbohydrates and lean protein. They also have no added sugar or preservatives and are low in calories. All of this works together to support you to reach your health and weight goals.

What is the cost of food delivery?

Shipping is FREE for all orders over $115! For orders under $115, a flat delivery rate applies depending on your location.

How long do the meals last?

Our fresh prepared meals have a minimum 7-day shelf life when they reach you. If you would like to make them last longer, we recommend freezing them. If you choose to freeze and heat your meals later, we advise to reheat from frozen instead of defrosting or thawing your meal out first.

Do I have to follow a strict meal plan?

Not at all. Our meal plans are available as an option for people who want to be guided through their meals. However you can pick and choose meals that work for you outside of our meal plans too!

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