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4 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Heat

Dineamic Blog | 4 Ways to Stay healthy in the heat!

We know, summer isn’t officially here yet, but we’re already having some HOT days here in Oz, and whether we’re ready or not, the heat is coming.

Hot days can cause all kinds of havoc on our bodies if we’re not looking after ourselves, so we’re getting ahead of the heat, and giving you our top 4 tips for staying healthy even when the mercury rises.


Not rocket surgery, but it is probably the most important thing you can do to combat the heat. Drinking enough water has a vast number of health benefits, but in hot weather we often need more to replace the additional moisture lost by sweating.

Getting enough quality H2O helps you regulate your body temperature, avoid fatigue and helps keep you thinking straight (no dehydration brain fog for you!).

Keep a bottle of water within arms reach at all times so it’s easy to sip on the go, and don’t be afraid to infuse your water with fruit and veg like strawberries or cucumber. Lush.


Unless you’re used to exercising in extreme heat regularly, summer is likely to mean a bit of adjustment to your normal exercise routine. For those who exercise outdoors, plan to exercise first thing in the morning or in the evening rather than the middle of the day. This will mean you have more chance to finish your workout with your usual exercise high, rather than literal exhaustion or heat stroke. Alternatively, use the heat as an excuse to hit the pool or try that new indoor exercise class you’ve been eyeing off. Goat yoga… come at me


Change up your food and drink go-tos for warm days and use these to help cool you down. These can be simple swaps that mean you don’t miss out and can maintain your routine.

For breakfast, try swapping eggs on toast for bircher muesli or a smoothie – both are cool without compromising on a good start to the day. Swap your flat white for an iced latte (not an iced coffee with ice cream) it’s essentially the same, just over ice.

For dinner, think side salads rather than steamed veggies, they make the perfect addition to a slice of lasagne or even a Thai curry


Slaving over a hot stove and heating up the house with it really doesn’t appeal on a hot day. Instead, plan ahead and meal prep on the weekend. This means one day in the kitchen cooking and then only minimal preparation required on week-days (that salad we were talking about earlier).

There are so many ways to plan and prep, and some meals can be swapped for hearty salads and other cold meal options. Include a range of seasonal vegetables for colour, texture, flavour and of course, a bucket-load of nutrients.

We’re, of course, a little biased on this one as we basically do the meal prep for you and you just need to zap our meals in the microwave. Our go-to hot weather meal is a Chicken Burrito with fresh salad and coriander wrapped in a tortilla.

What are your favourite meals and top tips for surviving the warmer months? Tell us in the comments below!

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