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Ancient Grains and Legumes

Dineamic Blog | Ancient, Wholegrains and Legumes

Whole grains and legumes have made a comeback, they’re in fashion and stronger than ever. We think it’s because people are more aware of what they’re eating, questioning the status quo, listening to their bodies, and having more access to nutritional information, and then there’s the current movement to plant proteins and cutting down on animal proteins. Some may say we are heading back to our ancient times, moving away from food processing and eating as our ancestors did. 
So what so good about whole grains and legumes? 
They’re a great source of essential nutrients, having similar nutritional densities to vegetables. This is why whole grains and legumes are recommended to be part of our diets. Along with being packed with vitamins and minerals, whole grains and legumes are a great source of protein and fibre, which helps us feel fuller for longer and maintain a healthy body weight. For vegans and vegetarians, it's essential that whole grains and legumes are combined in meals, to ensure all essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) are being consumed.  
Ancient Grains 
Whole grains and Legumes might be back in fashion, but Ancient grains are the shiny “new” toy. They have sat quietly in the background for thousands of years, set aside as an optional crop for many farmers. Now they’re the fancy ingredient on our plates. Ancient grains like - quinoa, chia seeds, wild rice, millet, and barley and packed with nutrients ready to be used by our body. 
Dineamic loves whole grains, legumes, and ancient grains 
Dineamic’s meals are filled with nutrition and many of them are made up of a combination of whole grains, legumes, and ancient grains. We use ingredients like these to ensure our customer’s meal consumption is contributing to reaching their daily intake of essential nutrients. Try our minestrone & quinoa soup, rustic tomato & ancient grain soup, beef & pearl barley soup, vegetable taco hash, cauliflower & chickpea curry, red lentil & kale dahl with rice, open chicken burrito with brown rice & quinoa, or our sweet potato and coconut curry.  

Whole or Ancient Grain or Legume 

Filled with and helps with 

Found in Dineamic’s 

Brown Rice 

Fibre for bowel function and diabetes 

B vitamins for cell function 

Magnesium for nerve and muscle function 

Moroccan chicken tagine 

Thai red and green chicken curry 

Red Lentil and kale dahl 

Rolled Oats 

Fibre (soluble) for satiety 

Manganese for metabolism of nutrients 

Iron to transfer oxygen 

Zinc for immune system support 

vitamins for cell function 

Powerballs and muesli slice 



Fibre for diabetes 

Phosphorus: for cell function 

Folate for red blood cells 

Iron to transfers oxygen 

Zinc for immune system support 


Open chicken burrito 

Vegetable taco hash 

Minestrone & quinoa soup 



Calcium, potassium and Magnesium for Bone Health 

Selenium for heart health 

Fibre for diabetes, and bowel function 



Cauliflower and chickpea curry 

Sweet potato and coconut curry 









Fibre for bowel healtand diabetes 

Folate B9 for red blood cell formation and function 

Zinc for immune system support 

Copper for nerve function, and immune system support. 



Chicken, vegetable & du puy lentil soup 

Pumpkin and red lentil soup 

Red lentil and kale dahl