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Valentine’s day is around the corner ... whether you’re a sucker for corny cards and overpriced flowers or to you it’s just another day of the year, we’re sure the word aphrodisiac sparks a little curiosity from within!

Whats an aphrodisiac? 

Well according to the good old Oxford dictionary it’s a food or a drug that’s said to give people a strong desire to have ... well you know what! Like yourself, we’re all about FOOD so whether you need a lil help in the bedroom or you’re just curious, here’s a few pantry items that have aphrodisiac properties!

Pistachios: Like most nuts, pistachios are high in protein, fibre and healthy fats, unlike most nuts they have fallen into the aphrodisiacs list. Believed to increase blood flow and therefore may assist with any dysfunctions.

Saffron: Famous for its price, it’s not surprising that is aphrodisiac effects have been overshadowed. But apparently, Egypt’s been onto it for years, with people claiming Cleopatra used to bathe in saffron because they believe in its aphrodisiac properties. - sounds like an expensive bath.

Alcohol: A glass of wine can help us relax and unwind, assisting with getting in the mood. BUT high levels of alcohol intake can have quite the opposite effect, so as always drink responsibly. 

Maca: No not maccers! Maca is a root vegetable and is related to the cruciferous family (broccoli, kale, cauliflower) and can commonly be found in a powder form, so is easily added to smoothies or protein balls. More commonly known for its potential positive effects on fertility, but also may increase libido.

Oysters: Probably the most common knowledge when it comes to the topic, but these slimy creatures are too believed to increase libido and may now be your entree on that valentines day date. 

Fenugreek: Seeds that are commonly used in South Asian cuisine, and may contain compounds that your body can use to make sex hormones! And is why they are used in Ayurveda medicine - an Indian alternative medicine practises, for libido-boosting!

Chocolate: We couldn’t leave choccy out of a valentines day blog, that would be criminal! And it seems chocolate - as always - has a place right here! Chocolate contains phenylethylamine - a stimulate that elects excitement! Dark chocolate has more of the good stuff, so a perfect valentines day gift to yourself or your special someone!

You’d be surprised how many foods fall into this list for multiple reasons, however, little research has been conducted to back all these claims or old wives tales. But when put to the test, only one can be the judge!

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