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Dietitian Review of Low FODMAP Ready Meals

Dietitian Review of Low FODMAP Ready Meals

A Dietitians Review of Dineamic and Fodbods 

Accredited practising dietitian, Eloise Turner, has a passion for gut health and in particular, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS.) Having practised in a clinical setting for the last few years, Eloise is changing direction by leaping into the food industry. Following her passion for gut health and food by working with Fodbods, a protein bar company that specialises in low FODMAP products. Eloise spent last week tasting and reviewing our Low FODMAP meals. But before we get into her review let's cover the basics: 

What is Low FODMAP? 

The Low FODMAP diet, although called a diet, is not a weight loss plan. The diet is best undertaken with the support of a dietitian or healthcare professional and begins with a 2 to 6 week period of high restrictions (avoiding FODMAPs). Certain foods can then usually then be slowly re-introduced.  

FODMAPs are a group of poorly absorbed fermentable short chain carbohydrates that can lead to excessive fluid and gas production, often causing gastrointestinal discomfort (e.g. bloating, abdominal pain and distension in some people).  

Who follows the low FODMAP diet? 

You may have heard of IBS which is a common gastrointestinal disorder that affects 1 in 7 people. The FODMAP Diet is the most effective way of managing this, helping up to 75% of sufferers 

Following the low FODMAP diet can be daunting, but thankfully companies like us and FODBODS are here to help you adjust to the lifestyle with low FODMAP products you can trust. 

And that is why Eloise volunteered to test our low FODMAP meals for you! So, you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Let’s see what she had to say: 

How do Dineamic meals taste? 

Eloise: “There is no denying Dineamic meals are delicious. Their flavour profiles are incredible – and likely more flavoursome than most people’s homemade dinners.” 

Dineamic’s LF menu includes a variety of options for lunch and dinner: 

How do Fodbods’s protein bars taste? 

Eloise: “Fodbods bars offer unique flavour combinations. They’re super fudgy yet have a good crunch with the perfect amount of natural sweetness. With no artificial protein powder aftertaste! 

Fodbods come in a variety of flavours. But Dineamic now stocks: 

Is Dineamic Convenient? 

Eloise: “Absolutely, like you, convenience is a top priority and fortunately, both Dineamic and Fodbods are massive time savers (whether you’re following the LF diet or not). Removing the hassle of grocery shopping and meal planning, their fresh ready meals are delivered to your door, just simply heat and eat. Meaning these products are perfect for when you don’t feel like cooking, have a super busy week or have no leftovers for lunch.” 

What is the cost of Dineamic meals? 

Eloise: “Whilst some may consider Dineamic and Fodbods to be pricey, both brands use only the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients. They’re also both dietitian and nutritionist-approved and designed to be nutritionally balanced. 

Dineamic also uses halo packs which eco-friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard (which reduces over 20 tonnes of plastic a year!) They also cook to order which minimises food wastage. 

If you often find yourself buying takeaway or making that afternoon trip to the vending machine, opting for pre-made meals and snacks is probably a great way to save money! They’re also portion-controlled which means you can save money by minimising food wastage at home. 

What ingredients do Dineamic and FODBODS use? 

Eloise: “Their ingredients list is impressive! Like Fodbods, Dineamic’s ingredients are minimal and real, only using nourishing ingredients that anyone can recognise. Nothing artificial, no additives, numbers or preservatives – just like your own recipes!  

Dineamic’s meals are packed full of wholesome veggies (tomato, capsicum, carrot, zucchini, spinach and pumpkin), low GI carbohydrates (sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa), lean proteins (free-range chicken and grass-fed beef), healthy fats (olive oil), and flavoured with natural ingredients (herbs and spices).  

Fodbods bars contain two plant proteins – pea and rice, to offer a more complete and superior amino acid profile, and are sweetened with organic rice malt syrup (no artificial sweeteners to keep our tummies happy). “ 

Can you break down the nutritional information for us? 

Eloise: “Overall, Dineamic’s LF menu is healthy, balanced and nutritious. All of their meals (as listed above), provide approximately... 

  • 20-30g of protein. If you’re looking for a higher hit of protein, Fodbods make the perfect meal companion/dessert! 
  • <15 of fat most of which is healthy, unsaturated fat from the olive oil. 
  • ~300 calories. the spag bol, however, is more energy dense providing 440 calories. 

Fodbods bars are nutritionally balanced – not too high in sugar but high in protein and healthy fats. This means they’re bound to keep you feeling fuller for longer! Additionally, they’re all plant-based, gluten and lactose-free so everyone can enjoy them!” 

Is Dineamic FODMAP friendly? 

Eloise: “Yes, Dineamic’s LF range was designed using Dr Sue Shepherd's guidelines. However, they do contain small amounts of celery and/or mushroom. So, just be mindful if you’re in the elimination phase or are intolerant to mannitol. Fodbods on the other hand are certified FODMAP Friendly, so, you can trust they’ll keep your tummy happy, and are suitable for all phases of the FODMAP diet.” 


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