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Back to Work Meal Prep Made Easy

Dineamic Blog | Back to Work Meal Prep Made Easy

Heading back to work after the holiday season is always so bitter-sweet. Its regaining some normality and the ability to tell what day it is, but it’s also, well… work.

Next add the challenge of new year’s resolutions, goals and intentions that for many relate to getting healthy whether it’s eating well of getting moving.

We’re here to help you keep those goals with our top tips on how to make heading back to  work & lunch time meal prepping easy.


Planning and prepping your meals for the week ahead means you know what’s on the menu for lunch & dinner each night. It’s easy to do your shop and any ordering, and then meal prepping in advance, and it’s harder to abandon your goals if the healthy option is right there in front of you, ready to eat. Traditional meal prepping can be time consuming (and sometimes boring), but by choosing ready meals, you skip all of the shopping, cooking and prepping, and just enjoy the eating.

For our easy way to plan your meals, check out our previous post here.


If you’re trying to be healthy, then there’s something to be said for getting excited about what you’re eating. Think about it… in the lead up to lunch, if you enjoy eating healthy food because it tastes great, then you’re more likely to stick with it and continue to eat healthily, rather than ditching the meal you have & buying something instead.


Variety can be a challenge when it comes to traditional meal prepping. This comes in two forms – taste and nutrition.

Ready made meals for one are a great option for keeping things interesting at lunch time because you can have something new each day of the week without having to buy and prep for 5 different meals. And you also don’t have to eat the same thing 5 days in a row.

Another positive of changing up your meals is that you’re likely to end up with a more balanced diet thanks to a range of different proteins, carbohydrates and veggies. A larger variation in your meals can mean a wider array of nutrients, diversity for your gut bacteria and less risk of nutrient deficiencies as no one food has the optimum amount of all nutrients.


When you’ve done your meal planning, get your order in & plan delivery straight to the office, it even means you don’t have to carry them to work. Meals are fresh and ready to load into your office fridge when they arrive, just be sure to put your name on them so they don’t get eaten by someone else.

Heading back to work and keeping your healthy goals doesn’t have to be hard, just plan and prep ahead, keep it interesting and get it delivered.

Tell us in the comments what your favourite meals are for workplace lunches & what you’d like to see added to the menu.

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