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David “The Ox” Schwarz


David Schwarz made his name in Australian sport playing for Melbourne Football club for 12 seasons. Achieving the club’s best and fairest in 1999; he played 173 games for Melbourne.

Known during his time in football as “The Ox”, David weighed roughly 107 kilos during the height of his career. Diet has always been an important part of his life. Playing football meant eating as much as possible and burning it off just as fast. Life after football, however, was a little different and David’s weight increased to 126 kilos.

David has now learned how to control his diet with Dineamic and enjoys knowing what he is eating is always going to be healthy. At six foot four he is a hard man to satisfy but Dineamic’s nutrient dense meals do the job — and that means he doesn’t reach for snacks after.  His favourite Dineamic meals include the Moroccan Lamb and Sweet & Sour Chicken.

David’s belief is that diet is hugely important whether you are playing sport or just a bloke in the street. Dineamic has made David’s meal preparation easy, stress-free and fast. With so many things to juggle, including career, social lives, family and partners, eating healthy shouldn’t have to be one of them. He now even impresses his wife with home-cooked Dineamic meals.