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Jessica Gray

Jessica Gray’s journey has been filled with obstacles. Jessica struggled with health problems for years without a solution — until she was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For some this would have been disastrous but Jessica used this challenge as inspiration to achieve her goals and show others what a brave heart and spirit can do.

Jessica is now a champion power-lifter and personal trainer — she holds five Australian records, one Oceanic record, has placed first 11 times in both able-body and Paralympic power-lifting competition and is currently placed 10th in the world for her class. She also had a beautiful baby boy in 2011 with her husband.

While each of these achievements have presented different challenges, Jessica has faced them all with focus and determination. She completed a Bachelor of Nursing and took control of a disease that can be completely debilitating. Through educating herself on the importance of a healthy diet she has been able to keep herself strong and active.

Jessica uses Dineamic as she knows she can trust each meal to provide the nutrients she needs. With a husband, a toddler and a high-energy career, Dineamic also allows her extra time — taking away the need for shopping, food preparation and cleaning. The calorie control also means she can use the meals to go up or down weight classes, depending on what her goal is. With each meal taken care of, Jessica can always focus on the step.