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Food You Don’t Need to Prep, Cook, or Feel Guilty About

Have you ever looked in the fridge and realised you’ve got nothing to eat? There’s just not enough time to shop, prepare, cook and clean up. Not to mention the brain space you take up with deciding what to eat & planning ahead. Taking the time out to cook is great on weekends when you have time, but its not always realistic mid-week when you’re flat out. It’s no wonder we opt for takeaway rather than a tasty vegetable risotto. On average, we spend 2 hours per week doing the food shop, and another 6 hours a week prepping, cooking and cleaning. Think about that... Now think about the hours you work. And the time you spend commuting. And going to the gym. And taking the kids to sport practice. AND spending some time for yourself. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just thinking about it. For most, the easy solution is to visit the local fast-food joint or jump on your usual takeaway delivery app and go broke. Aussies make a staggering 51.5 million visits to fast food outlets every month. Why? Simple. Because we’re busy and don’t want to spend what valuable time we have stressing about planning, shopping, preparing and cooking not to mention clean. That’s where Dineamic comes in. We’re a cheat meal minus the cheat, because you deserve a night off, because you can’t be bothered cooking (join the club), because you want to sit down & spend some time with your partner, or you just want to grab some ‘you time’.

Dineamic is all about providing you with healthy meals that are convenient, taste delicious, and give you more balance in your diet and your time.

We make real food that is taste bud friendly, healthy and super easy.  No mess. No stress. No nasties added. No need for a bunch of equipment to make it or an app to get it. Whether you’re in the mood for slow braised beef cheeks, sweet and sour chicken or a Thai red tofu curry, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is pop your pouch in boiling water or heat it up it in the microwave.

We want to give you back your precious time, so you can spend it with your family, friends or maybe on that book you’ve been trying to finish for 4 years.

We’re here to give you more time for life.