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Tastebud Friendly Food That’s Good and Good for You

You want to be healthy but your craving lasagne... You want a cheat meal, but don’t want to cheat... You want something nutritious, but not entirely made from lentils or kale. We know we need to eat better foods, but let’s face it, salads sometimes don’t hold the same promise of a mouth-watering lamb korma. And what about that sweet tooth you get when you are tired that makes you go crazy staring into the pantry? We find that one of the biggest challenges people have when looking for healthy, convenient food, is that they often have to compromise on flavour. Dineamic exists to make great tasting food, made from local ingredients, that hits the spot and satisfies you without the nasties. For the nights you want something cooked by a chef because you don’t want to be one. For the nights you want to be Jamie or Nigella or George but can’t be bothered.

Nutritious meals that are bloody good, and good for you.

The days are starting to get chilly, not all of them, but enough that we start thinking about stocking up on nourishing food that warms us up. Here are some of our favourite meals that we’re eating as the weather cools down. These ones will warm you up & make sure you’ve got the energy to push through the coming chilly days. Korma Lamb Curry – meaty, tasty & filling. We love this served with steamed rice, naan bread to mob up every last drop, and steamed broccolini to pump up the veg & add some greens Tuscan Veg Risotto – rich & delicious. Our favourite way to mix this up is by adding cooked chicken breast for a protein hit, or serving it with a side of fresh, peppery rocket for some greenery. If you're super hungry, try both! Minestrone & Quinoa Soup – hearty & nourishing. This beautiful, warming soup only needs one thing, some good crusty bread to clean your bowl afterwards. Try our favourites or tell us which Dineamic meals you love & how you mix them up coming into the cooler months! Use #Dineamic or tag us in your posts on Instagram & facebook.