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Is Juice Really Healthy?

Juice, it's been around for years. A staple in most childhoods, a treat, a FAD, a hangover cure or a quick fix. Juice therapy is a 5,000 year old tradition that started in India. Thought to balance the earth, air, and fire elements within us. All these years later and we are still turning to juice for help with our health.

So, is it really healthy or another brilliant marketing ploy?

The science behind some of these practises is that nutrients in juice like minerals, vitamins, polyphenols and carotenoids are easily absorbed into the bloodstream as they do not need to be broken down. Making them readily available to our nutrient hungry bodys, some of these nutrients are potent antioxidants helping our insides detox and increasing our immunity. These biologically active components may to improve gut health, with their prebiotic effects. Meaning they may provide energy for the bacteria in our gut, studies have shown that this can cause a change in our intestinal bacteria which may be associated with weight loss, and decreases the risk of various diseases. 


Juice is marketed as a healthy source of vitamins, however, we have to be careful about what's really in our Juice. Juice can be filled with hidden ingredients, like sugars, artificial flavors and other chemicals. When buying juice make sure the ingredients are only the fruit and vegetables that are claimed on the label, this ensures the sugars present are solely from the fresh produce. 

What's the deal with Cold-pressed?

The extraction of juice can alter the presence of biologically active nutrients, as they can be lost due to the harsh environments of processing. Cold Pressed juice is made with special machines that use a hydraulic press and a slow puliverser. This process protects and preserves nutrients from the fruit and vegetables, therefore the cold pressed juice is packed with all the goodness of its ingredients. Dineamic’s cold press juices contain a variety of fruit and vegetables, and cater to all tastes. With four awesome flavours, that contain no added nasties; Sunny Side Up, Jack Rose, Summer Greens and Ginger Ninja

Get your hands on our cold pressed juices to help fill your body with goodies, and improve your overall health. Remember that juice needs to be consumed with a well balanced diet, and in moderation. This ensures you're getting all your dietary requirements, to be the fittest and healthiest you.

Alicia McIntyre