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Share Christmas with Dineamic & FareShare

Tough, a word we can likely all use to sum up 2021. While your tough may differ from your neighbour’s, we have all experienced it in some way, shape, or form. And even though we might feel like we’re coming out the other side of this, the word tough is still lingering around for many Aussies.  

And so, we teamed up with FareShare again this year! They’re an AMAZING charity who go above and beyond to ensure Aussies who are doing it tough don’t go hungry - which we think is awesome. Chef Michael brought back his nostalgic festive Christmas meals for you, our customers and for every Christmas Roast purchased Dineamic has donated a meal to FareShare. 

In this year's Share Christmas campaign, we together donated 1,984 meals to Fareshare successfully to help them bring back the spirit of giving and spreading joy this Christmas. All thanks to you!

So, who are FareShare?  

Well, where do we start? FareShare is a charity that cooks free, nutritious meals for people in need. Their chefs and volunteers work hand in hand to cook donated and rescued food into delicious ready-to-eat meals that provide immediate relief for people in crisis. 

It's estimated that 5 million Aussies have experienced food insecurity in the last year - that's A LOT of people in need. And at the same time, food waste costs our economy an estimated 20 million dollars. FareShare roadblocks edible food from our landfills, helping avoid food wastage therefore reducing food waste cost and greenhouse pollution. Helping keep our country clean and ensuring food produced for Australians actually gets to Australians. - pretty cool huh?  

FareShare runs in both Melbourne and Brisbane with more than 1,500 regular volunteers, with their help they produce around 15,000 free meals a day for various front-line charities like soup vans, homeless shelters, women's refuges and community food banks. They’ are also a co-founder of the national Feed Appeals, which so far has raised $7.5millions in grants to support local food relief!  

So, how can you get involved?  

You can help by simply adding one of our delicious Christmas Roasts to your order. Our Christmas dinners are here early, and they’re yum; Roast Chicken with Chat Potatoes, Vegetables & Moroccan Sauce or Roast Turkey & Ham with Chat Potatoes Vegetables & Cranberry Sauce! Follow your roast (or start we don't judge) with our delicious Christmas Cake with Butterscotch Sauce, it's practically a hug on a plate! Or snack in style for the month of Christmas with our special edition White Christmas Powerballs. So far this sounds like a gift to your taste buds and your tum, but the gifting doesn't stop there. By purchasing our Christmas Roast you’ll be donating a Dineamic meal to an Aussie in need this Christmas, through FareShare.   

Follow us on our social media accounts and watch out for our weekly emails as we tally up each meal that’s to be donated to FareShare. Together let's chase down the goal of 2000+ meals, and share the joy this Christmas.   

Feel like you have more joy to give?   

Head over to Fareshare and check out how you can help Aussie’s doing it tough! https://www.fareshare.net.au/funds-for-fareshare/  

Has Dineamic helped FareShare in the past?  

Yes! On top of last years donation, Dineamic has donated to FareShare over the last 12 months, with a donation of meals at least once a month. This food is most often excess, so helps us decrease our food wastage and help Aussie’s in need. In the coming months we will be lending equipment to FareShare, and our team will be training them up on how to become more efficient.